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Darragh Graham (#2951)

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Colleges Represented
UL682001-12-07 to 2010-04-24
Records Set
ChampionshipRace TypeCollegeCount
Indoor T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
60m7.087 1 gold medals 1 bronze medals
200m22.3612 1 gold medals 1 silver medals 2 bronze medals 2 bronze medals
4x200m90.9210 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 1 bronze medals
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
100m10.6012 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 1 silver medals
200m21.6512 2 gold medals 2 gold medals 3 silver medals 3 silver medals 3 silver medals 1 bronze medals
4x100m41.908 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 1 silver medals
4x400m3:23.482 1 gold medals 1 silver medals
Indoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
2006-12-03IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m (SF 2)267UL95.491Team Silver Medal View 
2006-12-03IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m267UL90.92Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2005-12-11IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m223ULDQ44 View 
2004-12-03IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m (SF 2)252UL7.242Team Silver Medal View 
2004-12-03IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m252UL7.326Team Silver Medal View 
2004-12-03IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Ht 3)252UL22.841Team Silver Medal View 
2004-12-04IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (SF 3)252UL23.041Team Silver Medal View 
2004-12-04IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m252UL22.78Bronze MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2004-12-04IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m (SF 2)252UL95.161Team Silver Medal View 
2004-12-04IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m252UL92.48Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2004-02-06IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m (SF 1)738UL7.261Team Gold Medal View 
2004-02-06IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m738ULNTSilver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2004-02-06IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Ht 3)738UL23.721Team Gold Medal View 
2004-02-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (SF 2)738UL22.831Team Gold Medal View 
2004-02-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m738UL22.48Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2004-02-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m (SF 2)738UL94.641Team Gold Medal View 
2004-02-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m738UL92.38Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2002-12-06IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m (SF 3)273UL7.252Team Gold Medal View 
2002-12-06IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m273UL7.08Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2002-12-06IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Ht 3)273UL23.361Team Gold Medal View 
2002-12-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (SF 3)273UL22.721Team Gold Medal View 
2002-12-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m273UL22.36Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2002-12-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m (SF 1)273UL99.401Team Gold Medal View 
2002-12-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m273UL92.63Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2001-12-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m (SF 2)876UL7.282Team Gold Medal View 
2001-12-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m876UL7.16Bronze MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2001-12-07IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Ht 2)876UL23.981Team Gold Medal View 
2001-12-08IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (SF 2)876UL23.002Team Gold Medal View 
2001-12-08IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m876UL23.00Bronze MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2001-12-08IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m (SF 2)876UL95.351Team Gold Medal View 
2001-12-08IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m876UL97.98Bronze MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
2010-04-23T&FSantry100m (SF 3)727UL11.292Team Silver Medal View 
2010-04-24T&FSantry100m727UL10.97Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2010-04-23T&FSantry200m (SF 2)727UL22.301Team Silver Medal View 
2010-04-24T&FSantry200m727UL21.97Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2010-04-24T&FSantry35lbWfD727UL6.978Team Silver Medal View 
2010-04-23T&FSantry4x100m (SF 1)727UL43.192Team Silver Medal View 
2010-04-24T&FSantry4x100m727UL41.90Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal ViewIUAA
2010-04-23T&FSantrySP727UL9.329Team Silver Medal View 
2009-04-24T&FPlassey100m (SF 3)509UL11.052Team Silver Medal View 
2009-04-25T&FPlassey100m509UL10.795Team Silver Medal View 
2009-04-24T&FPlassey200m (SF 3)509UL22.561Team Silver Medal View 
2009-04-25T&FPlassey200m509UL21.90Silver MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2009-04-24T&FPlassey4x100m (SF 1)509UL44.412Team Silver Medal View 
2009-04-25T&FPlassey4x100m509UL44.21Silver MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2007-04-13T&FSantry100m (SF 1)360UL11.261Team Silver Medal View 
2007-04-14T&FSantry100m360UL11.08Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2007-04-13T&FSantry200m (SF 1)360UL22.491Team Silver Medal View 
2007-04-14T&FSantry200m360UL21.96Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2006-04-21T&FAntrim Forum100m (SF 3)319UL11.301Team Gold Medal View 
2006-04-22T&FAntrim Forum100m319UL11.62Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2006-04-21T&FAntrim Forum200m (SF 1)319UL22.692Team Gold Medal View 
2006-04-22T&FAntrim Forum200m319UL22.47Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2006-04-22T&FAntrim Forum4x100m319UL43.20Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2006-04-22T&FAntrim Forum4x400m319UL3:23.48Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2005-04-22T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield100m (SF 1)367UL10.601Team Silver Medal View 
2005-04-23T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield100m367UL11.02Silver MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2005-04-22T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield200m (SF 2)367UL21.943Team Silver Medal View 
2005-04-23T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield200m367UL22.00Bronze MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2005-04-23T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield4x100m367UL43.82Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2002-04-19 to 2002-04-20T&FBishopstown100m (SF 2)416UL11.141Team Gold Medal View 
2002-04-19 to 2002-04-20T&FBishopstown100m416UL10.88Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2002-04-19 to 2002-04-20T&FBishopstown200m (SF 3)416UL22.901Team Gold Medal View 
2002-04-19 to 2002-04-20T&FBishopstown200m416UL21.65Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2002-04-20T&FBishopstown4x100m (SF 1)416UL46.672Team Gold Medal View 
2002-04-20T&FBishopstown4x100m416UL43.71Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2002-04-20T&FBishopstown4x400m416UL3:27.11Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View