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Joe Warne (#5455)

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Colleges Represented
DCU572006-11-18 to 2015-04-11
Records Set
ChampionshipRace TypeCollegeCount
Indoor T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
800m1:51.4413 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 4 gold medals 1 bronze medals
1500m3:56.751 1 silver medals
12,4,8,1610:35.071 1 gold medals
4x200m95.072 1 gold medals
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
800m1:54.488 2 gold medals 2 gold medals 1 silver medals
1500m3:55.516 2 gold medals 2 gold medals 1 silver medals
5000m15:06.722 1 silver medals
4x400m3:20.236 3 gold medals 3 gold medals 3 gold medals 1 silver medals 1 bronze medals
Road Results
DateChampionshipVenueBibCollegeLegMarkTeamNoteFull Results
2014-11-15Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth07-2DCU 'A'29:26.00Team Gold Medal View
2013-11-23Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth07-5DCU 'A'54:16.00Team Gold Medal View
2012-11-17Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth05-1DCU 'A'14:15.00Team Silver Medal View
2011-11-12Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth04-1DCU 'A'14:20.00Team Silver Medal View
2010-11-13Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth03-1DCU 'A'14:18.00Team Gold Medal View
2009-11-14Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth05-1DCU 'A'14:19.00Team Gold Medal View
2008-11-15Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth02-5DCU 'A'54:33.00Team Gold Medal View
2007-11-17Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth04-1DCU 'A'15:07.00Team Gold Medal View
2006-11-18Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth05-5DCU 'B'54:43.005 View
Cross Results
DateChampionshipVenueBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull Results
2015-03-07Cross Country ChampionshipsClongowes Wood College074DCU29:08.0023Team Gold Medal View
2014-03-08Cross Country ChampionshipsCork078DCU28:40.0013Team Gold Medal View
2013-03-09Cross Country ChampionshipsJordanstown064DCU29:29.0015Team Silver Medal View
2012-03-10Cross Country ChampionshipsWaterford371DCU30:51.0029Team Gold Medal View
2011-03-12Cross Country ChampionshipsNational Aquatic Center050DCU26:45.0023Team Gold Medal View
2010-03-13Cross Country ChampionshipsCork47DCU25:43.0012Team Gold Medal View
2007-02-24Cross Country ChampionshipsAthlone Institute of Technology035DCU35:41.0016Team Silver Medal View
Indoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
2014-02-07IndoorsAthlone Institute of Technology800m (SF 3)075DCU2:04.751Team Gold Medal View 
2014-02-07IndoorsAthlone Institute of Technology800m075DCU1:55.904Team Gold Medal View 
2013-02-01IndoorsAthlone Institute of Technology800m (SF 1)070DCU1:58.092Team Gold Medal View 
2013-02-01IndoorsAthlone Institute of Technology800m070DCU1:51.44Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewIUAA
2011-02-05IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium800m (SF 1)750DCU2:04.981Team Gold Medal View 
2011-02-05IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium800m750DCU1:52.94Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewIUAA
2011-02-05IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m (SF 1)750DCU95.071Team Gold Medal View 
2011-02-05IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m750DCU95.07Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2010-02-13IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium800m (SF 1)048DCU2:00.072Team Gold Medal View 
2010-02-13IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium800m048DCU1:57.05Bronze MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2009-02-14IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Odyssey Arena800m (SF 2)260DCU2:05.981Team Gold Medal View 
2009-02-15IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Odyssey Arena800m260DCU1:57.25Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewDCU
2009-02-14IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Odyssey Arena12,4,8,16260DCU10:35.07Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewIUAA
2007-12-08IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Belfast800m (SF 2)041DCU2:04.181Team Gold Medal View 
2007-12-09IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Belfast800m041DCU2:00.66Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewDCU
2007-12-09IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Belfast1500m041DCU3:56.75Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2006-12-02IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium800m (SF 1)040DCU2:02.182Team Gold Medal ViewDCU
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
2015-04-10 to 2015-04-11T&FMary Peters800m (SF 1)537DCU2:03.751Team Gold Medal View 
2015-04-10 to 2015-04-11T&FMary Peters800m537DCU1:55.42Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2014-04-11 to 2014-04-12T&FWaterford5000m567DCU15:06.72Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2013-04-12 to 2013-04-13T&FMardyke & Bishopstown5000m214DCU15:40.198Team Gold Medal View 
2012-04-20T&FAthlone Institute of Technology1500m (SF 2)102DCU4:10.134Team Gold Medal View 
2012-04-21T&FAthlone Institute of Technology1500m102DCU4:00.98Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2012-04-20T&FAthlone Institute of Technology4x400m (SF 1)102DCU3:37.302Team Gold Medal View 
2011-04-29T&FAntrim Forum1500m (SF 2)076DCU4:08.643Team Gold Medal View 
2011-04-30T&FAntrim Forum1500m076DCU4:02.58Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2011-04-30T&FAntrim Forum4x400m076DCU3:23.87Bronze MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2010-04-23T&FSantry1500m (SF 2)424DCU4:02.942Team Gold Medal View 
2010-04-24T&FSantry1500m424DCU3:55.51Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2010-04-24T&FSantry4x400m424DCU3:20.23Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewDCU
2009-04-24T&FPlassey800m (SF 2)266DCU2:02.212Team Gold Medal View 
2009-04-25T&FPlassey800m266DCU1:57.26Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2009-04-25T&FPlassey4x400m266DCU3:22.96Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2008-04-18T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield800m (SF 2)050DCU2:02.841Team Gold Medal View 
2008-04-19T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield800m050DCU1:59.83Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2008-04-19T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield4x400m050DCU3:26.18Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
2007-04-13T&FSantry800m (SF 2)050DCU1:57.162Team Gold Medal View 
2007-04-14T&FSantry800m050DCU1:54.484Team Gold Medal View 
2007-04-14T&FSantry4x400m050DCU3:21.02Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewDCU