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Saragh Buggy (#10883)

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Colleges Represented
DCU11 7th Feb 2014 to 15th Feb 2020
Records Set
ChampionshipRace TypeCollegeCount
Indoor T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
TJ13.186 6 gold medals 6 gold medals 6 gold medals 6 gold medals 6 gold medals 6 gold medals
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
TJ12.635 5 gold medals 5 gold medals 5 gold medals 5 gold medals 5 gold medals
Indoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
15th Feb 2020IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyTJ662DCU13.18Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewIUAA
8th Feb 2019IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyTJ608DCU12.91Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
9th Feb 2018IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyTJ059DCU13.04Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
10th Feb 2017IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyTJ568DCU13.05Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewIUAA
12th Feb 2016IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyTJ119DCU12.68Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewIUAA
7th Feb 2014IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyTJ085DCU11.82Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
5th to 6th Apr 2019T&FAthlone Institute of TechnologyTJ053DCU12.40Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
7th to 8th Apr 2017T&FCorkTJ305DCU12.53Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
16th Apr 2016T&FSantryTJ551DCU12.63Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewIUAA
10th to 11th Apr 2015T&FMary PetersTJ542DCU11.22Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
11th to 12th Apr 2014T&FWaterfordTJ578DCU11.53Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View