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Hugh Fitzpatrick (#3172)

Table of Contents:
Colleges Represented
TCD31 3rd Dec 2004 to 30th Apr 2011
Records Set
ChampionshipRace TypeCollegeCount
Indoor T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
2000mW9:44.801 1 bronze medals
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
35lbWfD8.196 1 bronze medals
HT41.666 1 bronze medals
SP11.844 1 bronze medals
Indoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
13th Feb 2010IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium35lbWfD138TCD7.61714 View 
15th Feb 2009IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Odyssey ArenaSP355TCD10.6856 View 
15th Feb 2009IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Odyssey Arena35lbWfD355TCD8.1046 ViewTCD
9th Dec 2007IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & BelfastSP117TCD11.3066NSView 
9th Dec 2007IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Belfast35lbWfD117TCD7.8946 ViewTCD
11th Dec 2005IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium35lbWfD100TCD6.888Team Bronze Medal View 
4th Dec 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium2000mW115TCD9:44.80Bronze MedalTeam Bronze Medal View 
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
29th Apr 2011T&FAntrim ForumSP219TCDDNS 5 View 
29th Apr 2011T&FAntrim ForumJT219TCDDNS 5 View 
23rd Apr 2010T&FSantrySP560TCD10.7965 View 
24th Apr 2010T&FSantryDT560TCD30.26105 View 
24th Apr 2010T&FSantryHT560TCD40.0955 View 
24th Apr 2010T&FSantry35lbWfD560TCD7.4965 View 
25th Apr 2009T&FPlasseyDT375TCDDNS 8 View 
25th Apr 2009T&FPlasseyHT375TCD40.9548 View 
25th Apr 2009T&FPlassey35lbWfD375TCD8.1948 View 
18th Apr 2008T&FIrishtown Stadium & BelfieldSP160TCD10.8075 View 
19th Apr 2008T&FIrishtown Stadium & BelfieldHT160TCD36.8245 View 
19th Apr 2008T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield35lbWfD160TCD7.8855 View 
13th Apr 2007T&FSantrySP178TCD11.84Bronze Medal4 View 
14th Apr 2007T&FSantryDT178TCD29.6564 View 
14th Apr 2007T&FSantryHT178TCD41.6644 View 
14th Apr 2007T&FSantry35lbWfD178TCD8.1544 View 
21st Apr 2006T&FAntrim ForumSP168TCD11.1155 View 
22nd Apr 2006T&FAntrim ForumDT168TCD32.1245 View 
22nd Apr 2006T&FAntrim ForumHT168TCD36.31Bronze Medal5 View 
21st Apr 2006T&FAntrim ForumJT168TCD34.6755 View 
22nd Apr 2006T&FAntrim Forum35lbWfD168TCD7.80Bronze Medal5 View 
23rd Apr 2005T&FIrishtown Stadium & BelfieldDT201TCD27.6754 View 
23rd Apr 2005T&FIrishtown Stadium & BelfieldHT201TCD24.1474 View 
23rd Apr 2005T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield35lbWfD201TCD6.5864 View