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Aubrey Storey (#500)

Table of Contents:
Colleges Represented
TCD5031st Jan 1998 to 4th Mar 2006
IUAA119th Jun 2001
Indoor T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
4x200m98.742 1 bronze medals
PV2.603 1 silver medals
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
PV2.402 1 bronze medals
Road Results
DateChampionshipVenueBibCollegeLegMarkTeamNoteFull Results
19th Nov 2005Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth15-2TCD 'C'210:42.8717 View
20th Nov 2004Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth16-5TCD 'C'55:25.3716 View
22nd Nov 2003Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth213TCD 'B'315:51.5714 View
16th Nov 2002Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI MaynoothU4TCD 'A'410:13.00Team Bronze Medal View
7th Nov 2001Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI MaynoothAG2TCD 'A'210:20.006 View
12th Nov 2000Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI MaynoothF1TCD 'B'15:16.0011 View
13th Nov 1999Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth TCD 'B'211:01.0013 View
Cross Results
DateChampionshipVenueBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull Results
4th Mar 2006Cross Country ChampionshipsSantry Playing Fields111TCD36:19.00505 View
18th Feb 2006Colours Cross CountrySantry Playing Fields TCD22:58.007Team Gold Medal View
26th Feb 2005Cross Country ChampionshipsMalone Road114TCD40:31.0050Team Silver Medal View
5th Feb 2005Colours Cross CountrySantry Playing Fields TCD29:20.0012Team Gold Medal View
28th Feb 2004Cross Country ChampionshipsTinryland, Carlow150TCD32:00.0039Team Bronze Medal View
9th Mar 2003Cross Country ChampionshipsSt. Claires251TCD38:00.0058Team Gold Medal View
15th Feb 2003Colours Cross CountrySantry Playing Fields TCD28:46.008Team Gold Medal View
9th Mar 2002Cross Country ChampionshipsColeraine202TCD38:38.00495 View
7th Apr 2001Cross Country ChampionshipsBelfield254TCD39:41.00404 View
24th Feb 2001Colours Cross CountrySantry Playing Fields TCD29:33.005Team Gold Medal View
26th Feb 2000Cross Country ChampionshipsCarraig Na bhFear TCD43:00.00615 View
5th Feb 2000Colours Cross CountrySantry Playing Fields TCD30:50.0015Team Silver Medal View
28th Feb 1998Cross Country ChampionshipsPhoenix Park TCD40:05.0059Team Silver Medal View
31st Jan 1998Colours Cross CountrySantry Playing Fields TCD25:33.0019Team Gold Medal View
Indoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
6th Feb 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium3000m (Semi 2)617TCD9:32.884Team Bronze Medal View 
7th Feb 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium3000m617TCD9:29.366Team Bronze Medal View 
6th Dec 2002IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium400m (Heat 4)229TCD58.5235 View 
7th Dec 2002IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m (Semi 2)229TCD98.8025 View 
7th Dec 2002IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m229TCD98.74Bronze Medal5 View 
7th Dec 2002IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumPV229TCD2.4095 View 
7th Dec 2001IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium1500m (Semi 2)834TCD4:44.7244 View 
8th Dec 2001IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium1500m834TCD4:28.6474 View 
8th Dec 2001IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumPV834TCD2.60Silver Medal4 View 
1st to 2nd Dec 2000IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumTJ190TCD9.8510Team Bronze Medal View 
1st to 2nd Dec 2000IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumPV190TCDNH9Team Bronze Medal View 
3rd to 4th Dec 1999IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60mH207TCDNT84 View 
3rd to 4th Dec 1999IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium1500m (Semi 1)207TCD4:40.8154 View 
4th Dec 1999IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumTJ207TCD10.5384 View 
3rd to 4th Dec 1999IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumPV207TCD1.8064 View 
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
22nd Apr 2005T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield800m (Semi 2)224TCD2:07.9554 View 
23rd Apr 2005T&FIrishtown Stadium & BelfieldPV224TCD2.3074 View 
16th Apr 2004T&FMardyke & Bishopstown10000m229TCD35:36.39126 View 
17th Apr 2004T&FMardyke & BishopstownPV229TCDDNS 6 View 
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstown3000mSC364TCDNT11Team Silver Medal View 
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstownPV364TCD2.40Bronze MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
19th Jun 2001Celtic T&FAntrim Forum3000mSC IUAA10:59.205Team Silver Medal View 
20th Apr 2001T&FSantry & Belfield3000mSC007TCD11:14.484Team Silver Medal View 
21st Apr 2001T&FSantry & Belfield5000m007TCD17:42.8412Team Silver Medal View 
23rd to 24th Apr 1999T&FMary Peters110mH (Semi 2)141TCD23.7564 View 
23rd to 24th Apr 1999T&FMary Peters3000mSC141TCD11:53.70104 View 
23rd to 24th Apr 1999T&FMary PetersLJ141TCD4.52 4MultiView 
23rd to 24th Apr 1999T&FMary PetersHJ141TCD1.36 4MultiView 
23rd to 24th Apr 1999T&FMary PetersSP141TCD7.45 4MultiView 
23rd Apr 1999MultieventsMary PetersCE141TCD16005  View