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Claire McGlynn (#5333)

Table of Contents:
Colleges Represented
TCD4710th Dec 2005 to 30th Apr 2011
Records Set
ChampionshipRace TypeCollegeCount
Indoors20lb WfDTCD1
T&F20lb WfDTCD1
Indoor T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
60m8.014 1 bronze medals
200m25.913 1 bronze medals
400m59.174 1 bronze medals
800m2:16.121 1 bronze medals
20lb WfD6.541 1 bronze medals
4x200m109.604 2 bronze medals 2 bronze medals
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
400m56.564 1 silver medals 1 bronze medals
800m2:20.132 1 bronze medals
20lb WfD6.391 
4x100m50.604 1 silver medals
4x400m4:00.823 2 bronze medals 2 bronze medals
PV2.202 1 silver medals
SP7.532 1 bronze medals
Road Results
DateChampionshipVenueBibCollegeLegMarkTeamNoteFull Results
13th Nov 2010Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth11-1TCD 'A'15:30.00Team Bronze Medal View
17th Nov 2007Road Relay ChampionshipsNUI Maynooth11-1TCD 'B'16:38.005 View
Indoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
5th Feb 2011IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium800m863TCD2:16.12Bronze MedalTeam Bronze Medal ViewTCD
5th Feb 2011IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m863TCD118.30Bronze MedalTeam Bronze Medal View 
5th Feb 2011IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium8kgWfD863TCD6.395Team Bronze Medal View 
13th Feb 2010IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumSP166TCD7.6977 View 
13th Feb 2010IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium20lb WfD166TCD6.54Bronze Medal7 ViewTCD
15th Feb 2009IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Odyssey ArenaSP376TCD7.308Team Bronze Medal View 
15th Feb 2009IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Odyssey Arena8kgWfD376TCD6.064Team Bronze Medal View 
8th Dec 2007IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Belfast400m (Semi 1)142TCD59.493Team Bronze Medal View 
9th Dec 2007IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Belfast400m142TCD59.17Bronze MedalTeam Bronze Medal View 
9th Dec 2007IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Belfast4x200m142TCD109.60Bronze MedalTeam Bronze Medal View 
2nd Dec 2006IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m (Semi 2)180TCD8.2436 View 
2nd Dec 2006IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m180TCD8.2166 View 
2nd Dec 2006IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium400m (Semi 2)180TCD60.2516 View 
3rd Dec 2006IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium400m180TCD60.7146 View 
3rd Dec 2006IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumPV180TCD1.9066 View 
10th Dec 2005IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m (Semi 2)138TCD8.0124 ViewTCD
10th Dec 2005IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m138TCD8.05Bronze Medal4 View 
10th Dec 2005IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Heat 1)138TCD26.2424 View 
11th Dec 2005IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Semi 1)138TCD25.9124 View 
11th Dec 2005IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m138TCD26.11Bronze Medal4 View 
11th Dec 2005IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m (Semi 1)138TCD110.1824 View 
11th Dec 2005IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium4x200m138TCD110.0244 View 
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
29th Apr 2011T&FAntrim Forum800m (Semi 2)252TCD2:29.5424 View 
30th Apr 2011T&FAntrim Forum800m252TCD2:20.13Bronze Medal4 View 
30th Apr 2011T&FAntrim Forum4x100m252TCD53.8644 View 
30th Apr 2011T&FAntrim Forum4x400m252TCD4:26.7844 View 
30th Apr 2011T&FAntrim Forum8kgWfD252TCD6.5464 ViewTCD
24th Apr 2010T&FSantry20lb WfD605TCD6.3955 ViewTCD
7th Apr 2010Colours T&FBelfieldSP TCD7.47Bronze Medal  View 
24th Apr 2009T&FPlasseySP398TCD7.53104 View 
25th Apr 2009T&FPlassey8kgWfD398TCD6.4654 ViewTCD
18th Apr 2008T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield400m (Semi 1)193TCD59.5215 View 
19th Apr 2008T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield400m193TCD58.67Silver Medal5 View 
19th Apr 2008T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield4x100m193TCD50.60Silver Medal5 ViewTCD
19th Apr 2008T&FIrishtown Stadium & Belfield4x400m193TCD4:07.22Bronze Medal5 View 
13th Apr 2007T&FSantry200m (Semi 2)228TCD26.6825 View 
14th Apr 2007T&FSantry200m228TCD26.7855 View 
14th Apr 2007T&FSantry4x100m228TCD51.3745 View 
14th Apr 2007T&FSantry4x400m228TCDDQ 5Rule 170.14View 
14th Apr 2007T&FSantryPV228TCD1.9085 View 
21st Apr 2006T&FAntrim Forum400m (Semi 2)215TCD58.8326 View 
22nd Apr 2006T&FAntrim Forum400m215TCD56.56Bronze Medal6 ViewTCD
22nd Apr 2006T&FAntrim Forum4x100m215TCD52.5266 View 
22nd Apr 2006T&FAntrim Forum4x400m215TCD4:00.82Bronze Medal6 View 
22nd Apr 2006T&FAntrim ForumPV215TCD2.20Silver Medal6 ViewTCD