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M. Gleeson (#6908)

Table of Contents:
Colleges Represented
NACA618th May 1958 to 15th May 1960
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
DT123′3″2 2 bronze medals 2 bronze medals
JTo162′3″1 1 bronze medals
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
15th May 1960IUAA RepresentativeBelfieldDT NACA   AEView 
15th May 1960IUAA RepresentativeBelfieldJTo NACA   AEView 
17th May 1959IUAA RepresentativeBelfieldSP NACA   AEView 
17th May 1959IUAA RepresentativeBelfieldDT NACA123′3″Bronze Medal  View 
18th May 1958IUAA RepresentativeBelfieldDT NACA120′0½″Bronze Medal  View 
18th May 1958IUAA RepresentativeBelfieldJTo NACA162′3″Bronze Medal  View