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Road Relay Championships

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Male Road Team Medalists
10th Nov 2023UCD 'A'42:41.00DCU 'A'43:15.00UL 'B'43:37.00
11th Nov 2022UCD 'A'43:33.00DCU 'A'43:49.00UG 'A'44:11.00
13th Nov 2021UCD 'A'42:47.00DCU 'A'43:10.00DCU 'B'43:47.00
16th Nov 2019DCU 'A'43:14.00UCD 'A'43:43.00UG 'A'44:38.00
17th Nov 2018DCU 'A'43:28.00DCU 'B'44:57.00DCU 'C'45:33.00
18th Nov 2017DCU 'A'43:56.00QUB 'A'44:59.00UCD 'A'45:14.00
19th Nov 2016UL 'A'45:15.00DCU 'A'45:30.00UCD 'A'45:49.00
14th Nov 2015DCU 'A'44:56.00UCD 'A'45:38.00UCC 'A'46:16.00
15th Nov 2014DCU 'A'41:26.00AIT 'A'41:42.00UCD 'A'42:28.00
23rd Nov 2013DCU 'A'40:26.00AIT 'A'41:08.00UCD 'A'41:13.00
17th Nov 2012UCD 'A'41:09.00DCU 'A'41:10.00TCD 'A'43:15.00
12th Nov 2011UCD 'A'41:48.00DCU 'A'42:04.00DCU 'B'42:21.00
13th Nov 2010DCU 'A'42:05.00UCD 'A'42:35.00WIT 'A'43:09.00
14th Nov 2009DCU 'A'41:54.00QUB 'A'42:23.00UL 'A'42:31.00
15th Nov 2008DCU 'A'42:24.00UCD 'A'43:20.00UL 'A'43:32.00
17th Nov 2007DCU 'A'47:54.00DCU 'B'48:33.00UCD 'A'48:37.00
18th Nov 2006UCD 'A'41:07.00DCU 'A'41:14.00QUB 'A'42:57.00
19th Nov 2005UCD 'A'41:00.50DCU 'A'41:01.85UU 'A'42:17.11
20th Nov 2004DCU 'A'42:04.88UCD 'A'42:22.82DCU 'B'43:06.21
22nd Nov 2003DCU 'A'42:06.55TCD 'A'42:41.51QUB 'A'43:14.15
16th Nov 2002QUB 'A'42:50.00UCC 'A'43:30.00TCD 'A'43:36.00
7th Nov 2001UL43:46.00UCC 'A'44:01.00QUB 'A'44:04.00
12th Nov 2000UCC 'A'44:23.00QUB 'A'44:40.00DIT 'A'44:43.00
13th Nov 1999UCC 'A'43:13.00UCD 'A'43:24.00DIT43:56.00
21st Nov 1998UCC 'A'43:53.00UCD 'A'44:43.00QUB44:46.00
22nd Nov 1997UCC 'A'42:54.00TCD 'A'44:01.00UCD 'A'44:12.00
23rd Nov 1996QUB42:03.00UCC 'A'42:08.00UCD 'A'42:20.00
25th Nov 1995UCC42:02.36    
27th Nov 1993QUB43:23.31UCD 'A'43:52.30TCD 'A'44:56.56
28th Nov 1992QUB43:26.00UCD 'A'43:55.00TCD45:20.00
1st Mar 1992UCC42:00.00    
1st Mar 1991UCCNT    
Female Road Team Medalists
10th Nov 2023UCD 'A'33:39.00DCU 'A'34:26.00TCD 'A'34:56.00
11th Nov 2022UCD 'A'33:10.00DCU 'A'34:47.00UCD 'B'35:30.00
13th Nov 2021UCD 'A'32:31.00UCC 'A'34:25.00DCU 'A'34:31.00
16th Nov 2019TCD 'A'34:10.00DCU 'A'34:22.00UCD 'A'35:01.00
17th Nov 2018DCU 'A'33:14.00TCD 'A'34:15.00UCC 'A'34:21.00
18th Nov 2017UL34:03.00DCU 'A'34:20.00UCC 'A'35:04.00
19th Nov 2016UL 'A'34:02.00DCU 'A'34:19.00UCC 'A'35:10.00
14th Nov 2015UCD 'A'33:51.00UL 'A'35:05.00DCU 'A'35:21.00
15th Nov 2014UCD 'A'31:08.00DCU 'A'32:11.00UCC 'A'32:22.00
23rd Nov 2013UCD 'A'31:53.00UCC 'A'32:09.00DCU 'A'32:14.00
17th Nov 2012DCU 'A'32:32.00UCC 'A'32:42.00TCD 'A'34:26.00
12th Nov 2011DCU 'A'32:55.00UCC 'A'33:39.00DCU 'B'33:41.00
13th Nov 2010DCU 'A'32:35.00DCU 'B'33:26.00TCD 'A'33:45.00
14th Nov 2009DCU 'A'31:40.00TCD 'A'32:53.00DCU 'B'34:15.00
15th Nov 2008DCU 'A'31:41.00UCD 'A'33:30.00UL 'A'34:26.00
17th Nov 2007DCU 'A'36:32.00TCD 'A'40:03.00UCD 'A'40:18.00
18th Nov 2006DCU 'A'31:47.00UCC 'A'32:38.00UCD 'A'34:21.00
19th Nov 2005DCU 'A'31:30.51UCC 'A'33:01.13DCU 'B'33:17.30
20th Nov 2004DCU 'A'33:10.56UCD 'A'34:03.15DCU 'B'34:06.73
22nd Nov 2003UL33:39.87UCD 'A'33:48.08UCC 'A'33:49.84
16th Nov 2002DCU 'A'34:12.00UCC 'A'35:19.00TCD 'A'36:20.00
7th Nov 2001UL 'A'34:52.00TCD 'A'35:25.00TCD 'B'36:05.00
12th Nov 2000UL33:14.00TCD 'A'36:17.00UCC 'A'38:42.00
13th Nov 1999UL 'A'32:59.00TCD 'A'33:13.00UG 'A'35:22.00
21st Nov 1998DIT34:49.00UCD 'A'34:49.00TCD 'A'36:31.00
22nd Nov 1997UCD 'A'34:04.00TCD35:34.00UCC 'A'35:58.00
23rd Nov 1996UCD 'A'34:35.00TCD 'A'35:52.00UL37:01.00
25th Nov 1995UCC34:13.00    
27th Nov 1993UCC34:20.55UL 'A'35:49.83UCD 'A'35:58.28
28th Nov 1992UCC34:44.00UCD 'A'37:28.00UL38:00.00
7th Feb 1987TCE 'A'34:53.00UCG36:30.00TCE 'B'NT
All Road Relay Championships meets
3410th Nov 2023MUMaynooth UniversityView2315 
3311th Nov 2022IUAANUI MaynoothView2248 
3213th Nov 2021IUAANUI MaynoothView2258 
3116th Nov 2019IUAANUI MaynoothView2249Please ensure that you park legally as there are parking restrictions in place in the college
3017th Nov 2018IUAANUI MaynoothView2246 
2918th Nov 2017IUAANUI MaynoothView2265 
2819th Nov 2016IUAANUI MaynoothView2237 
2714th Nov 2015IUAANUI MaynoothView2270This was a new course. Each lap was 1670m and the first leg runner ran an extra 183m from the start line to the finish line.
2615th Nov 2014IUAANUI MaynoothView2235 
2523rd Nov 2013IUAANUI MaynoothView2242 
2417th Nov 2012IUAANUI MaynoothView2206 
2312th Nov 2011NUIMNUI MaynoothView2217 
2213th Nov 2010NUIMNUI MaynoothView2212 
2114th Nov 2009NUIMNUI MaynoothView2227 
2015th Nov 2008IUAANUI MaynoothView2175 
1917th Nov 2007IUAANUI MaynoothView2177 
1818th Nov 2006NUIMNUI MaynoothView2157 
1719th Nov 2005NUIMNUI MaynoothView2187 
1620th Nov 2004NUIMNUI MaynoothView2174 
1522nd Nov 2003NUIMNUI MaynoothView2214 
1416th Nov 2002NUIMNUI MaynoothView2175 
13 7th Nov 2001NUIMNUI MaynoothView2130 
1212th Nov 2000NUIMNUI MaynoothView2130 
1113th Nov 1999NUIMNUI MaynoothView2162 
1021st Nov 1998NUIMNUI MaynoothView22 
922nd Nov 1997NUIMNUI MaynoothView222 
823rd Nov 1996NUIMNUI MaynoothView234 
725th Nov 1995IUAANUI MaynoothView29 
627th Nov 1993NUIMNUI MaynoothView233 
528th Nov 1992NUIMNUI MaynoothView26 
4 1st Mar 1992IUAANUI MaynoothView15Exact date unknown
3 1st Mar 1991IUAANUI MaynoothView17Exact date unknown
2 1st Feb 1988NUIMNUI MaynoothView219Exact date unknown
1 7th Feb 1987NUIMNUI MaynoothView23The hallowed precincts of Maynooth College were disturbed by the patter of fast feet on Saturday February 7th when the first Inter-varsity Road Relays were held there. The Relays provided a winning double for TCE. In the Womens' event - 1-2-2-1 miles - only Thomond, UCG and Maynooth fielded teams. Thomond took first and third, the "A" team's winning margin over UCG being 97 secs. UCD and TCD did not participate. The Mens' relay of 1-2-3-2-1 miles was also won by Thomond College with a winning margin of 88 secs over the UCD "A" and TCD "A" teams. Twelve mens' teams took part, including teams from the Incorporated Law Society and Rathmines College of Commerce.