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Female Team Competition Winners
11th Mar 1995Kelvin Hall, GlasgowLoughboroughSUIUAAView
Male Team Competition Winners
11th Mar 1995Kelvin Hall, GlasgowSUIUAABirminghamView
12th Jul 1969BelfieldEdinburghIUAA View
1st Jul 1939College ParkIUAAAtalanta View
6th Jul 1938Westerlands, GlasgowIUAAAtalanta View
3rd Jul 1929Hampden Park, GlasgowIUAAAtalanta View
28th Jun 1927TerenureIUAAAtalanta View
International Intervarsity Matches Male Records
60mC. AkaSU7.1011th Mar 1995
60mTom CumminsIUAA7.1011th Mar 1995
60mHCiaran McCarthyIUAA8.7011th Mar 1995
60mHMartyn HendrySU8.7011th Mar 1995
60mHM. JohnsonBirmingham8.7011th Mar 1995
100yGeorge William CraigieIUAA10.10 1st Jul 1939
100mBarakat Al-HarthiOman10.6118th Jul 2012
110mHCharles J. "C.J." KirkpatrickIUAA15.6022nd May 1971
120yHRoderic Norman CooteIUAA15.40 1st Jul 1939
200mA. GibsonBirmingham21.7011th Mar 1995
220ySean T. LavanIUAA22.5028th Jun 1927
400mAhmed Al-MerjabiOman47.7818th Jul 2012
400mHJohn James DillonIUAA52.6011th Jun 1972
440ySean T. LavanIUAA50.6028th Jun 1927
440yW.M.O. RennieAtalanta50.60 6th Jul 1938
440yHAndrew WebbEdinburgh54.4012th Jul 1969
800mAyanleh SouleimanDjibouti1:47.4518th Jul 2012
880yHugh C. MaingayAtalanta1:58.60 3rd Jul 1929
1500mConor BradleyDerry City3:51.0218th Jul 2012
MileAlastair BlamireEdinburgh4:17.8012th Jul 1969
3000mG. LoughLoughborough8:10.1011th Mar 1995
2 MilesNorman S. PriceIUAA9:52.40 3rd Jul 1929
3 MilesDavid LogueEdinburgh14:45.2012th Jul 1969
3 MilesAlastair BlamireEdinburgh14:45.2012th Jul 1969
5000mA. McKeanSU14:28.4022nd May 1971
4x100mA.N. OtherIUAA42.7011th Jun 1972
4x100mA.N. OtherIUAA42.7011th Jun 1972
4x100mA.N. OtherIUAA42.7011th Jun 1972
4x100mA.N. OtherIUAA42.7011th Jun 1972
4x110yPaul MagnierIUAA46.4012th Jul 1969
4x110yJohn James DillonIUAA46.4012th Jul 1969
4x110yJohn F. KearneyIUAA46.4012th Jul 1969
4x110yJohn McStayIUAA46.4012th Jul 1969
4x200mTom CumminsIUAA88.9011th Mar 1995
4x200mKeelan ConlonIUAA88.9011th Mar 1995
4x200mGary RyanIUAA88.9011th Mar 1995
4x200mJonathan AndersonIUAA88.9011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherIUAA3:23.8011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherLoughborough3:23.8011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherIUAA3:23.8011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherLoughborough3:23.8011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherIUAA3:23.8011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherLoughborough3:23.8011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherIUAA3:23.8011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherLoughborough3:23.8011th Mar 1995
LJLuis RiveraMEXICO7.5118th Jul 2012
TJJohn MageeIUAA47′5″22nd May 1971
HJA. HolbrookBirmingham195.0011th Mar 1995
PVI. WildingLoughborough4.7011th Mar 1995
SPG. SchroederLouvain53′9″22nd May 1971
DTBjørn Wærø HeggelundIUAA41.6111th Jun 1972
HTDr Patrick "Pat" J. O'CallaghanIUAA163′4″ 3rd Jul 1929
JTBjørn Wærø HeggelundIUAA64.7811th Jun 1972
JToBjørn Wærø HeggelundIUAA199′6″22nd May 1971
International Intervarsity Matches Female Records
60mK. ButlerLoughborough7.8011th Mar 1995
60mLena BarryIUAA7.8011th Mar 1995
60mHL. SilverSU9.0011th Mar 1995
60mHJ. PeetBirmingham9.0011th Mar 1995
100mMegan MarrsCity of Lisburn AC12.4018th Jul 2012
100mHPatricia Anne WilsonIUAA17.2022nd May 1971
200mK. WoodsBirmingham25.7011th Mar 1995
200mClaire O'ConnorIUAA25.7011th Mar 1995
200mK. ButlerLoughborough25.7011th Mar 1995
400mKineke AlexanderSt Vincent & Grenadines54.3218th Jul 2012
800mSiobhan EvistonRaheny Shamrocks AC2:05.5018th Jul 2012
1500mS. BowyerLoughborough4:25.8011th Mar 1995
3000mAnne McPhailSU10:18.5011th Mar 1995
4x100mA.N. OtherSU54.5022nd May 1971
4x100mA.N. OtherSU54.5022nd May 1971
4x100mA.N. OtherSU54.5022nd May 1971
4x100mA.N. OtherSU54.5022nd May 1971
4x200mA.N. OtherBirmingham103.1011th Mar 1995
4x200mA.N. OtherBirmingham103.1011th Mar 1995
4x200mA.N. OtherBirmingham103.1011th Mar 1995
4x200mA.N. OtherBirmingham103.1011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherLoughborough3:57.3011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherLoughborough3:57.3011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherLoughborough3:57.3011th Mar 1995
4x400mA.N. OtherLoughborough3:57.3011th Mar 1995
LJCaroline DeasyIUAA5.6311th Mar 1995
TJP. AndersonSU11.0611th Mar 1995
TJSarah RammingerSU11.0611th Mar 1995
HJAlexandra CatherwoodNorth Down AC1.6318th Jul 2012
PVClaire WilkinsonBAAC3.8618th Jul 2012
SPTracy ShortsSU11.9311th Mar 1995
DTClare FitzgeraldTralee Harriers47.9118th Jul 2012
HTChristina FurlongIUAA45.3718th Jul 2012
JToE. RutherfordSU31.8122nd May 1971
All International Intervarsity Matches meets
918th Jul 2012Northern IrelandAntrim ForumView23152Brian Downing Memorial Track & Field International
811th Mar 1995SUKelvin Hall, GlasgowView29138The scoring system of 6, 4, 3, 2 for each of the A & B Grades was put forward by the Scottish Universities and agreed by all teams. As a number of University teams had additional athletes it was agreed at the managers meeting that additional athletes could compete as part of their team (mainly in B Grade) with the highest placing athlete taking the relevant points. A max of two could score in either Grade regardless of the number of competitors from any participating team.
711th Jun 1972SUCAWesterlands, GlasgowView911IUAA v SUCA v EUAA. Partial results taken from Irish Times. Overall results Men: IUAA 148, EUAA 134, SUCA 102 Women: EUAA 109, SUCA 87, IUAA 55.
622nd May 1971UCDBelfieldView2547Irish Universities v. Scottish Universities v. University of Louvain (Belgium). This athletics match was held to mark the Golden Jubilee of the founding of U.C.D. Athletic Club. Weather conditions described as "atrocious".
512th Jul 1969IUAABelfieldView1630Inter-Universties International between Irish Universities and Edinburgh University
4 1st Jul 1939TCDCollege ParkView1236The 4th meeting between Irish Universities, represented by Trinity and Queen's, and the Atalanta selection took place in College Park, Trinity College. Despite interruptions by rain, the meeting was completed to schedule. The outstanding performance was that of Roderic Coote (TCD) who equalled the Irish native record for 120 yards hurdles of 15.4 sec held by Theo D. Phelan of UCD. Some controversy arose when R.G. Eccles (Edinburgh University) was called 'no jump' at 5ft 8 in the high jump competition on the grounds that his head was below his shoulder and thus he was guilty of diving. While perturbed and angry that his style was questioned, he continued in the event to win at 5ft 10 3/4 in [1.80 m]. The most discussed finish occurred in the mile when David O'Neill of Trinity was given the decision on the tape from John Muir of Glasgow University. At the final bend O'Neill had little hope of catching Muir who slowed down to a virtual walk to be caught at the finishing line, O'Neill getting the judges' nod which did not receive unanimous approval. Len Horan (TCD) putt the shot 46 ft 10 in [14.28 m] for a College Park record and took a double win in the discus with 123 ft [37.49 m]. George Craigie (TCD) won the 'hundred' and 220 yards for a sprint double. J.A.M. Robertson (Atalanta) took a double in the quarter-mile and half-mile for the third double of the meeting. Tom Maguire of Trinity College was the starter.
3 6th Jul 1938GlasgowWesterlands, GlasgowView1226Irish Universities (TCD & QUB) vs Atalanta Club (Glasgow & Edinburgh). The 1930 fixture between Atalanta and Irish Universities was to have taken place on 5th July, but this date was found unsuitable and Scottish Universities decided that they could not field a team later in the season. Atalanta's visit was postponed until June 1931. No record of a match in 1931 has been found. However, a full Ireland v Scotland International match did take place at Croke Park on 25 July, 1931. Several Irish university athletes competed - Patrick C. Moore (UCD), Theo D. Phelan (UCD), Henry R. Davies (TCD) and Dr Pat O'Callaghan (UCC). Ireland won the match 20 pts to 13 pts. The 1933 visit of Atalanta fell foul of the brewing political situation between the N.A.C.A.I., the N.I.A.A.A. and the B.A.A.B. At the twelfth hour a telegram was received from the Atalanta Club stating that their visit to Dublin had been cancelled. No specific reason was given. However, it was surmised that the Scottish team had been ordered to cancel their visit on instructions issued by or on behalf of the International Board, composed of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as a consequence of the dispute between the N.A.C.A.I. and the Northern Ireland Association, and possibly also in retaliation for the ban on intervarsity competition imposed on Queen's University of Belfast by the N.A.C.A.I. A further match between Scottish Universities and Irish Universities did not become possible until the rustication of the N.A.C.A.I. from the I.A.A.F. and the formation of the A.A.U.E. The Irish Universities team for the 3rd meeting with the Atalanta Club was confined to athletes from Trinity College and Queen's University. The three colleges of the N.U.I. were excluded because they remained members of the N.A.C.A.I. The match took place at Westerlands, Glasgow University's sports grounds, on a cinder track. Atalanta won the 440 yards by default when Norman De Vere (TCD) was disqualified, after winning the race by a yard, for fouling his lane while coming up the back straight. De Vere made good his mistake by winning the 880 yards and by setting up an early lead in the relay for an Irish win. No records were set and no athlete achieved win doubles. Irish Universities won nine of the twelve events and the match comfortably.
2 3rd Jul 1929GlasgowHampden Park, GlasgowView1231The second meeting between Irish Universities and Scottish Universities was an evening event hosted in Hampden Park, the biggest terraced stadium in the world at that time with a 130,000 capacity, extended by 1937 to 183,000, and only to be surpassed in 1950 by the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro. A heavy shower about one hour before proceedings started possibly affected the attendance adversely, but the weather was fine during the contest. For several of the Irish track athletes this was their first experience of running on a cinder track. Dr Pat O'Callaghan and Michael Moroney made a clean sweep of the field events O'Callaghan failed by a couple of feet to throw the hammer clean off the grass onto the cinder track. The "Flying Scotsman" H.C. Maingay ran away with the half-mile in an excellent time. While the result of the contest was never in doubt by the time of the last event on the programme, the meeting closed with an epic battle in the mile relay with Patrick C Moore (IU) and Ian H. Borland (Atalanta) on the final leg fighting stride for stride down the home straight all the way to the tape, Moore winning by inches.
128th Jun 1927IUAATerenureView1130The inaugural athletics match between Irish Universities and the Atalanta Club, the combined Scottish Universities Select team from Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrew's and Aberdeen, took place on the sports grounds of University College Dublin in Terenure. The Irish Universities team was selected by the Irish Inter-University Committee which organised and ran the Intervarsity Championships. This new international event in the athletic life of both countries was mooted as a fixture that would strengthen the ties between Ireland and Scotland. The Scottish team included R.D. Allison, the Scottish Universities 100y and 220y champion and ex-440y champion, A.F. Clark, Scottish 120y hurdles champion, R.B. Hoole, the Scottish 440y champion, and Dr A.P. Spark in shot putt and discus who was a member of the British Olympic Team in Paris in 1924. Based on Irish, British and world records, the Irish Times had commented the day before this contest on the backward condition of athletics in Ireland in that there were few men capable of holding their own with the front rankers of other countries. The newspaper welcomed the inauguration of the international inter-universities contest as "an important and marked advance in the development of athletics in Ireland". In its report on the contest the Irish Times further commented: "Athletics and various other branches of sport have always received a considerable amount of attention in our universities and colleges, which have given to sport athletes whose feats of skill, courage and endurance have reflected credit on their institutions... The successful launching of the [international inter-universities] contest should act a great stimulus to all who have the welfare of athletics in Ireland at heart... Thus we have in this inter-universities contest a strong incentive for our 'Varsity athletes to redouble their efforts on the training ground... And who can at the moment doubt that out of this modest beginning may emerge a regular international University contest." The outstanding performance of the Irish Universities team was that of Sean Lavan in winning the 220y and 440y, placing 2nd in the discus and anchoring the one-mile relay team to victory. The Irish and Scottish teams were entertained to supper. While the contest was scored on number of wins across the 11 disciplines, had the contest been scored as 2 for a win and 1 for the runner-up as in the next contest in 1929, Ireland would still have won by 18 pts to 15 pts.