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Cross Country Championships

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Female Team Competition Winners
7th Mar 2020Curraheen Road Sports GroundsTCDDCUUCDView
2nd Mar 2019St Mary's College, GalwayDCUTCDUCDView
10th Mar 2018Santry Playing FieldsDCUUCCTCDView
4th Mar 2017AbbotstownDCUULUCCView
5th Mar 2016Sligo Race CourseULUCCDCUView
7th Mar 2015Clongowes Wood CollegeUCC UCDView
8th Mar 2014CorkTCDDCUUCCView
9th Mar 2013JordanstownTCDUCCUCDView
10th Mar 2012WaterfordUCDDCUTCDView
12th Mar 2011National Aquatic CenterDCUTCDUCDView
13th Mar 2010CorkDCUTCDQUBView
7th Mar 2009JordanstownDCUTCDUUView
8th Mar 2008DartfieldDCUTCDUCCView
24th Feb 2007Athlone Institute of TechnologyDCUTCDUUView
4th Mar 2006Santry Playing FieldsDCUUCDUCCView
26th Feb 2005Malone RoadDCUUCDTCDView
28th Feb 2004Tinryland, CarlowDCUULUCCView
9th Mar 2003St. ClairesDCUUCCUCDView
9th Mar 2002ColeraineTCDULDCUView
7th Apr 2001BelfieldULTCDDCUView
26th Feb 2000Carraig Na bhFearUCDULTCDView
6th Mar 1999DanganUCDTCDULView
28th Feb 1998Phoenix ParkUCDTCDULView
1st Feb 1997Curraheen Road Sports GroundsUCDUCCTCDView
16th Dec 1995Santry Playing FieldsUCCUCDUUView
4th Mar 1995Barnett ParkUCDUCCULView
19th Feb 1994PlasseyUCCULUCDView
6th Mar 1993ColeraineUCCUUUCDView
7th Mar 1992BelfieldUCDUCGUCCView
2nd Mar 1991College Farm, CorkUCDTCDUCGView
3rd Mar 1990Lady Dixon Park, BelfastUCDUCGTCEView
4th Mar 1989College Farm, CorkUCGTCEUCDView
5th Mar 1988DanganUCGTCEUCDView
7th Mar 1987LimerickTCE  View
8th Mar 1986PlasseyUCDTCEUCCView
9th Mar 1985GlasnevinUCDTCDTCEView
12th Mar 1983ColeraineUCDTCETCDView
6th Mar 1982NUI MaynoothUCDTCDTCEView
7th Mar 1981GalwayTCDUCDUCGView
1st Mar 1980BelfastTCDUCDQUBView
17th Mar 1979PlasseyTCETCDUCDView
4th Mar 1978BelfieldUCCUCDTCDView
12th Mar 1977Curraheen Road Sports GroundsUCCTCDUCDView
6th Mar 1976NUI MaynoothUCCUCDUCGView
8th Mar 1975Phoenix ParkUCCUCGUCDView
10th Mar 1973DanganUCGTCDUCCView
4th Mar 1972Lady Dixon Park, BelfastUCGTCDUCCView
20th Feb 1971Belfield & NUI MaynoothUCDUCGTCDView
14th Mar 1970College Farm, CorkUCDUCGQUBView
1st Mar 1969BelfieldUCGUCD View
2nd Mar 1968GalwayUCGUCD View
18th Feb 1967Phoenix ParkUCDUCG View
19th Feb 1966BelfieldUCDUCG View
Male Team Competition Winners
7th Mar 2020Curraheen Road Sports GroundsDCUULTCDView
2nd Mar 2019St Mary's College, GalwayDCUUCDNUIGView
10th Mar 2018Santry Playing FieldsDCUUCDNUIGView
4th Mar 2017AbbotstownDCUUCDAITView
5th Mar 2016Sligo Race CourseDCUAITUCDView
7th Mar 2015Clongowes Wood CollegeDCUUCDAITView
8th Mar 2014CorkDCUUCDAITView
9th Mar 2013JordanstownUCDDCUUCCView
10th Mar 2012WaterfordDCUWITUCDView
12th Mar 2011National Aquatic CenterDCUWITQUBView
13th Mar 2010CorkDCUUUWITView
7th Mar 2009JordanstownDCUULUUView
8th Mar 2008DartfieldDCUWITUCDView
24th Feb 2007Athlone Institute of TechnologyUCDDCUUUView
4th Mar 2006Santry Playing FieldsUCDDCUQUBView
26th Feb 2005Malone RoadDCUTCDUCDView
28th Feb 2004Tinryland, CarlowDCUUCDTCDView
9th Mar 2003St. ClairesTCDDCUNUIGView
9th Mar 2002ColeraineQUBUUUCCView
7th Apr 2001BelfieldULUCCDITView
26th Feb 2000Carraig Na bhFearUCCNUIGUCDView
6th Mar 1999DanganUCCUCDNUIGView
28th Feb 1998Phoenix ParkUCCTCDUCDView
1st Feb 1997Curraheen Road Sports GroundsUCCCITQUBView
16th Dec 1995Santry Playing FieldsUCCQUBUCDView
4th Mar 1995Barnett ParkQUBUCCCork RTCView
19th Feb 1994PlasseyUCCQUBUUView
6th Mar 1993ColeraineQUBDCUUUView
7th Mar 1992BelfieldUCDDCUUCCView
2nd Mar 1991College Farm, CorkUCDTCD View
3rd Mar 1990Lady Dixon Park, BelfastUCDQUBUUView
4th Mar 1989College Farm, CorkUCDUUUCGView
5th Mar 1988DanganUCDUUUCGView
7th Mar 1987LimerickQUB  View
8th Mar 1986PlasseyQUBUCCUCDView
9th Mar 1985GlasnevinQUBUCD View
12th Mar 1983ColeraineQUBUCDUCCView
6th Mar 1982NUI MaynoothTCDUCDUCCView
7th Mar 1981GalwayUCDTCDUCCView
1st Mar 1980BelfastTCDQUBUCDView
17th Mar 1979PlasseyUCGTCDUCDView
4th Mar 1978BelfieldUCDTCDUCGView
12th Mar 1977Curraheen Road Sports GroundsQUBUCDTCDView
6th Mar 1976NUI MaynoothUCDQUBUCCView
8th Mar 1975Phoenix ParkUCGQUBUCDView
10th Mar 1973DanganUCGTCDUCCView
4th Mar 1972Lady Dixon Park, BelfastUCGQUBUCDView
20th Feb 1971Belfield & NUI MaynoothUCGTCDSPMView
14th Mar 1970College Farm, CorkQUBUCGTCDView
1st Mar 1969BelfieldQUBUCGUCDView
2nd Mar 1968GalwayQUBUCDUCCView
19th Feb 1966BelfieldUCDUCG View
6th Mar 1965Curraheen Road Sports GroundsUCCUCDUCGView
15th Feb 1964Headford Road, GalwayUCCUCDTCDView
16th Feb 1963Phoenix ParkTCDUCDUCCView
Best Male Cross Country Team Results
1UCC 6th Mar 196512367928133%View
2UCC15th Feb 196412458929138%View
3TCD16th Feb 196323458931147%View
4QUB 2nd Mar 1968123591333157%View
5QUB 1st Mar 196913578933157%View
6UCD19th Feb 1966234691135166%View
7QUB 6th Mar 1993127891037176%View
8DCU 7th Mar 20201256111237176%View
9DCU 2nd Mar 20191457101138180%View
10QUB12th Mar 1983256781139185%View
Best Female Cross Country Team Results
1UCD19th Feb 1966123410100%View
2UL 7th Apr 2001123410100%View
3UCD18th Feb 1967123511110%View
4DCU 4th Mar 2006123511110%View
5DCU24th Feb 2007123511110%View
6DCU13th Mar 2010123511110%View
7DCU26th Feb 2005124512120%View
8DCU 2nd Mar 2019123612120%View
9UCG 2nd Mar 1968123814140%View
10UCD12th Mar 1983234514140%View
All Cross Country Championships meets
58 7th Mar 2020UCCCurraheen Road Sports GroundsView2149NEW VENUE: the race is now at the same location as the registration/checkin/changing rooms.
57 2nd Mar 2019UCGSt Mary's College, GalwayView2173 
5610th Mar 2018TCDSantry Playing FieldsView2150Parking is available at the grounds
55 4th Mar 2017IUAAAbbotstownView2170National XC Course, Abbotstown
54 5th Mar 2016IT SligoSligo Race CourseView2150 
53 7th Mar 2015IUAAClongowes Wood CollegeView2174 
52 8th Mar 2014CITCorkView2178 
51 9th Mar 2013UUJordanstownView2172Held in conjunction with schools XC
5010th Mar 2012WITWaterfordView2188 
4912th Mar 2011DITNational Aquatic CenterView2207Held in conjunction with the ISAA Championships
4813th Mar 2010CITCorkView2182Held in conjunction with the ISAA Championships
47 7th Mar 2009UUJordanstownView2134Held in conjunction with the ISAA Championships
46 8th Mar 2008NUIGDartfieldView2135Held in conjunction with the ISAA cross country
4524th Feb 2007AITAthlone Institute of TechnologyView2119 
44 4th Mar 2006TCDSantry Playing FieldsView2124 
4326th Feb 2005QUBMalone RoadView2124 
4228th Feb 2004IT CarlowTinryland, CarlowView2154 
41 9th Mar 2003DCUSt. ClairesView2188 
40 9th Mar 2002UUColeraineView2132 
39 7th Apr 2001UCDBelfieldView294 
3826th Feb 2000CITCarraig Na bhFearView2146 
37 6th Mar 1999NUIGDanganView2129 
3628th Feb 1998DITPhoenix ParkView2142 
35 1st Feb 1997UCCCurraheen Road Sports GroundsView2112 
3416th Dec 1995TCDSantry Playing FieldsView2136 
33 4th Mar 1995QUBBarnett ParkView291 
3219th Feb 1994ULPlasseyView2112 
31 6th Mar 1993UUColeraineView283 
30 7th Mar 1992UCDBelfieldView2121 
29 2nd Mar 1991UCCCollege Farm, CorkView2142 
28 3rd Mar 1990QUBLady Dixon Park, BelfastView2116 
27 4th Mar 1989UCCCollege Farm, CorkView2127 
26 5th Mar 1988UCGDanganView2102 
25 7th Mar 1987TCELimerickView218 
24 8th Mar 1986NIHELPlasseyView2117 
23 9th Mar 1985NIHEDGlasnevinView240 
2210th Mar 1984TCDSantryView28 
2112th Mar 1983UUColeraineView2122 
20 6th Mar 1982NUIMNUI MaynoothView2112 
19 7th Mar 1981UCGGalwayView281 
18 1st Mar 1980QUBBelfastView2103 
1717th Mar 1979TCEPlasseyView2112 
16 4th Mar 1978UCDBelfieldView295 
1512th Mar 1977UCCCurraheen Road Sports GroundsView2114 
14 6th Mar 1976NUIMNUI MaynoothView2114 
13 8th Mar 1975TCDPhoenix ParkView299 
12 9th Mar 1974UUColeraineView210Men's team result: 1st UCG (44), 2nd QUB, 3rd UCC. Women's team result: 1st UCG, 2nd UCC
1110th Mar 1973UCGDanganView286 
10 4th Mar 1972QUBLady Dixon Park, BelfastView291 
920th Feb 1971UCDBelfield & NUI MaynoothView277The Belfield - Maynooth debacle. The Women's and Men's events were held the same day, but at different venues. At the last minute the religious authorities at St Patrick's College Maynooth refused permission for the women's race to be held. The UCC Women's team, having travelled to Maynooth, did not make the start of the race at Belfield due to transport difficulties. They asked in vain for the start of the race to be held, but the organisers decided to run the race at the designated time. The tension between religious decorum and sport gave rise to derisory newspaper headlines such as 'Maynooth Goes Stag'. There was much speculation at the time of these championships that the N.I.A.A.A. and the B.A.A.B. had banned Q.U.B. from competing. However Queen's had not sought permission to compete as they were required to do, allegedly because they felt they would be refused permission in light of the then 'frosty' relations between B.L.E. and the N.I.A.A.A. All the University clubs in Ireland had to affiliated to their official National governing bodies. An Irish Universities Championship in which all the Universities were represented was an "international" contest held under the rules of the I.A.A.F. member in whose geographical area the event took place. The clubs from outside that area were required to apply under I.A.A.F. rules to compete in such contests through their own I.A.A.F. member.
814th Mar 1970UCCCollege Farm, CorkView280 
7 1st Mar 1969UCDBelfieldView247 
6 2nd Mar 1968UCGGalwayView213 
518th Feb 1967TCDPhoenix ParkView210 
419th Feb 1966UCDBelfieldView220First female cross country championship
3 6th Mar 1965UCCCurraheen Road Sports GroundsView114TCD did not compete in the 3rd Cross Country Championship for reasons which are unknown.
215th Feb 1964UCGHeadford Road, GalwayView113 
116th Feb 1963TCDPhoenix ParkView110The first full intervarsity between all colleges in the Republic - TCD v UCD v UCC v UCG.