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Institute of Technology Carlow

Long NameInstitute of Technology Carlow
Short NameIT Carlow
AddressKilkenny Road, Carlow, Ireland.
College Urlhttp://www.itcarlow.ie
Club Urlhttp://www.itcarlowathletics.com/
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Related Colleges: Carlow Regional Technical College

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Athletes competing per season for Institute of Technology Carlow

Athletes competing per season for Institute of Technology Carlow

Indoors Male Records
60mMarcus LawlerIT Carlow6.83 6th Feb 2015
200mMarcus LawlerIT Carlow21.0312th Feb 2016
400mAlan BloomerIT Carlow51.6011th to 12th Dec 1998
800mAran MurphyIT Carlow2:04.3012th Feb 2016
1500mTom McCarthyIT Carlow4:19.13 6th Feb 2015
1500mTom McCarthyIT Carlow4:19.13 6th Feb 2015
2000mWBrendan BoyceIT Carlow8:48.44 3rd Dec 2006
3000mBrian KirwanIT Carlow9:05.5012th Feb 2016
3000mBrian KirwanIT Carlow9:05.5012th Feb 2016
4x200mMarcus LawlerIT Carlow89.7812th Feb 2016
4x200mAdam MurphyIT Carlow89.7812th Feb 2016
4x200mCallan ByrneIT Carlow89.7812th Feb 2016
4x200mDan FinnertyIT Carlow89.7812th Feb 2016
LJMichael BowlerIT Carlow6.64 4th Feb 2012
TJSean LonerganIT Carlow14.06 6th Dec 2002
HJMichael BowlerIT Carlow1.95 4th Feb 2012
PVDylan Purcell (OYD)IT Carlow4.2010th Feb 2017
SPFrancis AbbeyIT Carlow12.81 1st Feb 2013
35lbWfDThomas FurlongIT Carlow7.60 1st Feb 2013
CEMichael BowlerIT Carlow3420 4th Feb 2012
T&F Male Records
100mMarcus LawlerIT Carlow10.5816th Apr 2016
200mMarcus LawlerIT Carlow20.9816th Apr 2016
400mGordon KennedyIT Carlow50.9623rd to 24th Apr 1999
400mHDan FinnertyIT Carlow59.5110th to 11th Apr 2015
800mRobert O'RourkeIT Carlow1:58.6025th Apr 2003
1500mRobert O'RourkeIT Carlow4:12.0116th Apr 2004
3000mSCBrian KirwanIT Carlow9:44.3816th Apr 2016
3000mWBrendan BoyceIT Carlow14:10.3814th Apr 2007
5000mAurelein BourgeonIT Carlow16:33.1812th to 13th Apr 2013
10000mAurelein BourgeonIT Carlow40:58.7712th to 13th Apr 2013
4x100mMarcus LawlerIT Carlow42.1110th to 11th Apr 2015
4x100mAdam MurphyIT Carlow42.1110th to 11th Apr 2015
4x100mBarry ReganIT Carlow42.1110th to 11th Apr 2015
4x100mAlan Whelan (OYD)IT Carlow42.1110th to 11th Apr 2015
4x400mDan FinnertyIT Carlow3:35.4410th to 11th Apr 2015
4x400mAndrew KelleherIT Carlow3:35.4410th to 11th Apr 2015
4x400mTom McCarthyIT Carlow3:35.4410th to 11th Apr 2015
4x400mBrian O'HaganIT Carlow3:35.4410th to 11th Apr 2015
LJMichael BowlerIT Carlow6.6920th Apr 2012
TJSean LonerganIT Carlow13.7216th Apr 2004
HJMichael BowlerIT Carlow1.9529th Apr 2011
HJMichael BowlerIT Carlow1.9520th Apr 2012
PVDylan PurcellIT Carlow3.4016th Apr 2016
SPMatthew O'Reilly (OYD)IT Carlow13.2820th Apr 2012
DTMatthew O'Reilly (OYD)IT Carlow38.4621st Apr 2012
HTThomas FurlongIT Carlow55.4021st Apr 2012
JTKeith GilliganIT Carlow43.5425th Apr 2003
35lbWfDJoe SalmonIT Carlow8.1623rd to 24th Apr 1999
CEMichael BowlerIT Carlow319629th Apr 2011
Indoors Female Records
60mSinead SwanIT Carlow8.16 7th Dec 2001
60mHAideen FarrellIT Carlow11.20 6th Dec 2002
200mSinead SwanIT Carlow26.76 8th Dec 2001
400mAoife ConroyIT Carlow61.8812th Feb 2016
800mKaty ConroyIT Carlow2:24.3610th Feb 2017
1500mRuth BoweIT Carlow5:53.87 6th Feb 2015
1500mWNiamh BrennanIT Carlow8:06.76 7th Dec 2002
3000mEvelyn GibbonsIT Carlow12:47.2011th to 12th Dec 1998
4x200mAoife ConroyIT Carlow117.2112th Feb 2016
4x200mEmer McCabeIT Carlow117.2112th Feb 2016
4x200mRuth BoweIT Carlow117.2112th Feb 2016
4x200mMary FloodIT Carlow117.2112th Feb 2016
LJSinead SwanIT Carlow5.28 7th Dec 2002
TJEmer McCabeIT Carlow10.9712th Feb 2016
PVAmy PhelanIT Carlow2.60 1st Feb 2013
SPLeanne HayesIT Carlow9.90 4th Dec 2004
T&F Female Records
100mNiamh O'RourkeIT Carlow14.8512th to 13th Apr 2013
200mSinead SwanIT Carlow26.3825th Apr 2003
400mRuth BoweIT Carlow65.8616th Apr 2016
400mRuth BoweIT Carlow65.8615th Apr 2016
400mHAoife ConroyIT Carlow69.6516th Apr 2016
800mKaty ConroyIT Carlow2:28.4015th Apr 2016
1500mKaty ConroyIT Carlow5:25.7810th to 11th Apr 2015
1500mWHynes ChristinaIT Carlow10:34.5521st Apr 2012
3000mGrainne O'TooleIT Carlow11:42.5723rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x100mMary FloodIT Carlow56.5016th Apr 2016
4x100mEmer McCabeIT Carlow56.5016th Apr 2016
4x100mSarah HealyIT Carlow56.5016th Apr 2016
4x100mMeabh O'BrienIT Carlow56.5016th Apr 2016
LJSinead SwanIT Carlow5.8019th to 20th Apr 2002
TJEmer McCabeIT Carlow11.1016th Apr 2016
HJSharon KinsellaIT Carlow1.4524th to 25th Apr 1998
PVAmy PhelanIT Carlow2.7021st Apr 2012
SPMary FloodIT Carlow7.4915th Apr 2016
DTMary FloodIT Carlow24.9710th to 11th Apr 2015
JTRachael BriggsIT Carlow29.5315th Apr 2016
Most appearances for Institute of Technology Carlow
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Marcus Lawler 7th Feb 2014 to 15th Apr 201638
2Dan Finnerty 7th Feb 2014 to 15th Apr 201623
3Alan Whelan 5th Feb 2011 to 10th Apr 201522
4Michael Bowler 5th Feb 2011 to 20th Apr 201221
5Olawale Egbeyemi 8th Dec 2007 to 20th Apr 201219
6Adam Murphy 6th Feb 2015 to 15th Apr 201616
7Joe Salmon11th Dec 1998 to 19th Apr 200216
8Ruth Bowe 7th Feb 2014 to 15th Apr 201615
9Amy Phelan 4th Feb 2012 to 15th Apr 201615
10Cormac Hanlon 1st Feb 2013 to 10th Apr 201514
11Tom McCarthy 6th Feb 2015 to 15th Apr 201613
12Matthew O'Reilly 8th Dec 2007 to 20th Apr 201211
13Robert O'Rourke19th Apr 2002 to 16th Apr 200411
14Lola Olajide 4th Feb 2012 to 11th Apr 201411
15Daniel Gillen20th Apr 2012 to 6th Feb 201511
16Katy Conroy15th Nov 2014 to 19th Nov 201610
17Barry Regan 6th Feb 2015 to 15th Apr 201610
18Darren Bowes 4th Feb 2012 to 7th Feb 20149
19Sinead Swan 7th Dec 2001 to 25th Apr 20039
20Dylan Purcell 1st Feb 2013 to 15th Apr 20168
Meets hosted by Institute of Technology Carlow
28th Feb 2004IUAA XCTinryland, CarlowView2154