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Institute of Technology Tralee

Long NameInstitute of Technology Tralee
Short NameIT Tralee
AddressTralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
College Urlhttp://www.ittralee.ie
Club Url 

Related Colleges: Tralee Regional Technical College

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Athletes competing per season for Institute of Technology Tralee

Athletes competing per season for Institute of Technology Tralee

Indoors Male Records
60mTravane MorrisonIT Tralee6.86 8th Feb 2019
60mHGer CreminIT Tralee9.1412th to 13th Dec 1997
200mTravane MorrisonIT Tralee21.61 9th Feb 2018
400mCiaran McCabeIT Tralee52.95 8th Dec 2007
800mEoin FlemmingIT Tralee1:57.94 7th Dec 2002
1500mJoe O'ConnorIT Tralee4:27.7011th to 12th Dec 1998
2000mWMalachy KellyIT Tralee11:34.2212th to 13th Dec 1997
3000mArthur FitzgeraldIT Tralee9:21.04 7th Feb 2004
4x200mEoin FlemmingIT Tralee100.34 7th Feb 2004
4x200mJohn O'CallaghanIT Tralee100.34 7th Feb 2004
4x200mSeamus O'ConnorIT Tralee100.34 7th Feb 2004
4x200mAdrian WhyteIT Tralee100.34 7th Feb 2004
LJJohn ShanahanIT Tralee6.0811th Dec 2005
TJRossa FoleyIT Tralee11.82 9th Feb 2018
HJJames HadleyIT Tralee1.8515th Feb 2020
PVJerome PerrotIT Tralee3.40 7th Dec 2002
SPJohn Paul LeahyIT Tralee16.25 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
16kgWfDRossa FoleyIT Tralee7.59 8th Feb 2019
35lbWfDAlan O'ConnorIT Tralee9.8313th Feb 2010
T&F Male Records
100mTravane MorrisonIT Tralee10.5013th to 14th Apr 2018
110mHGer CreminIT Tralee16.3623rd to 24th Apr 1999
200mTravane MorrisonIT Tralee21.1713th to 14th Apr 2018
400mEugene EiversIT Tralee51.8224th to 25th Apr 1998
800mConor MurphyIT Tralee2:00.5913th to 14th Apr 2018
3000mSCJoe O'ConnorIT Tralee9:56.7023rd to 24th Apr 1999
5000mMosleh AlalyaniIT Tralee19:26.23 7th to 8th Apr 2017
10000mArthur FitzgeraldIT Tralee34:10.9416th Apr 2004
4x100mEoghan MarahIT Tralee47.5413th to 14th Apr 2018
4x100mRossa FoleyIT Tralee47.5413th to 14th Apr 2018
4x100mDylan RocheIT Tralee47.5413th to 14th Apr 2018
4x100mThomas KearnsIT Tralee47.5413th to 14th Apr 2018
LJJohn ShanahanIT Tralee6.2321st Apr 2006
TJRossa FoleyIT Tralee11.84 7th to 8th Apr 2017
PVJerome PerrotIT Tralee3.0014th Apr 2000
SPJohn Paul LeahyIT Tralee15.7514th Apr 2000
DTDaniel Clifford (OYD)IT Tralee47.2821st Apr 2012
HTTomas O NeillIT Tralee45.78 7th to 8th Apr 2017
JTRossa FoleyIT Tralee47.07 5th to 6th Apr 2019
16kgWfDTravane MorrisonIT Tralee8.50 5th to 6th Apr 2019
35lbWfDJohn Paul LeahyIT Tralee9.4514th Apr 2000
Indoors Female Records
60mCiara DevaniIT Tralee8.7412th Dec 1997
60mHSarah O KeeffeIT Tralee10.72 8th Feb 2019
200mCiara DevaniIT Tralee29.6812th to 13th Dec 1997
800mDiane VerdonschtIT Tralee3:00.44 7th Dec 2002
1500mBreda O'DonnellIT Tralee5:34.0812th to 13th Dec 1997
1500mWRosaleigh ComerfordIT Tralee6:44.8613th Dec 1997
3000mVictoria HorrobinIT Tralee11:39.24 9th Feb 2018
LJSarah O KeeffeIT Tralee4.41 8th Feb 2019
TJSolange DiogoIT Tralee11.6015th Feb 2020
HJRachel ClancyIT Tralee1.5212th Feb 2016
SPDeirdre O'ConnorIT Tralee8.9112th to 13th Dec 1997
8kgWfDAlessandra Amber de LeoIT Tralee4.4515th Feb 2020
CESarah O KeeffeIT Tralee2037 8th Feb 2019
T&F Female Records
100mLinda O'SheaIT Tralee14.8923rd to 24th Apr 1999
200mSolange DiogoIT Tralee28.38 5th to 6th Apr 2019
1500mMary McCarthyIT Tralee7:06.0824th to 25th Apr 1998
1500mWAoibheann PrendervilleIT Tralee8:11.4914th Apr 2007
5000mShona Heaslip (OYD)IT Tralee16:11.74 7th to 8th Apr 2017
TJSolange DiogoIT Tralee11.8713th to 14th Apr 2018
SPJennifer MullanIT Tralee6.4723rd to 24th Apr 1999
DTDeirdre O'ConnorIT Tralee34.1224th to 25th Apr 1998
JTJennifer MullinsIT Tralee25.3223rd to 24th Apr 1999
JToDeirdre O'ConnorIT Tralee24.7824th to 25th Apr 1998
Most appearances for Institute of Technology Tralee
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Rossa Foley10th Feb 2017 to 5th Apr 201922
2Travane Morrison 9th Feb 2018 to 5th Apr 201918
3Daniel Clifford 8th Dec 2007 to 20th Apr 201215
4Alan O'Connor 2nd Dec 2006 to 5th Feb 201114
5John Paul Leahy12th Dec 1997 to 1st Dec 200013
6James Nagle10th Dec 2005 to 13th Apr 200711
7Sarah O Keeffe 8th Feb 2019 to 15th Feb 202011
8Dylan Roche 9th Feb 2018 to 5th Apr 201910
9Solange Diogo10th Feb 2017 to 15th Feb 20209
10Joe O'Connor 1st Dec 2000 to 9th Mar 20039
11John Shanahan10th Dec 2005 to 13th Feb 20108
12John O'Callaghan 6th Dec 2002 to 6th Feb 20048
13Eoin Flemming16th Nov 2002 to 6th Feb 20047
14Fergal Fitzmaurice 3rd Dec 1999 to 25th Apr 20037
15Joe O'Connor11th Dec 1998 to 3rd Dec 19996
16James Doran16th Nov 2002 to 22nd Nov 20036
17Alessandra Amber de Leo 8th Feb 2019 to 15th Feb 20206
18Jerome Perrot 3rd Dec 1999 to 6th Dec 20026
19Seamus O'Connor 6th Dec 2002 to 6th Feb 20046
20Eugene Eivers12th Dec 1997 to 24th Apr 19986