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Long NameIrish Universities Athletic Association
Short NameIUAA
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Trophies won by Irish Universities Athletic Association
Celtic XCFemale Team Competition5 x  5 gold medals  1 x  1 silver medals   
Celtic XCMale Team Competition6 x  6 gold medals  1 x  1 silver medals  1 x  1 bronze medals  
Celtic T&FOverall Team Competition8 x  8 gold medals  9 x  9 silver medals   
Celtic T&FFemale Team Competition7 x  7 gold medals  10 x  10 silver medals  1 x  1 bronze medals  
Celtic T&FMale Team Competition11 x  11 gold medals  7 x  7 silver medals   
IUAA RepresentativeOverall Team Competition  2 x  2 bronze medals  
IUAA RepresentativeFemale Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals   
IUAA RepresentativeMale Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals  2 x  2 bronze medals  
InternationalsFemale Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
InternationalsMale Team Competition4 x  4 gold medals  2 x  2 silver medals   

Athletes competing per season for Irish Universities Athletic Association

Athletes competing per season for Irish Universities Athletic Association

Most appearances for Irish Universities Athletic Association
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Mary McLoone19th Jun 2001 to 7th Jun 200518
2Claire O'Connor11th Mar 1995 to 20th Jun 200015
3Orna Donoghue22nd Jun 1999 to 19th Jun 200113
4Eddie Thornton17th May 1959 to 19th May 196313
5Edel Meagher17th Jun 1995 to 24th Jun 199713
6Elizabeth Egan23rd Jun 1998 to 18th Jun 200212
7IognŠid G. "Iggy" ” Muircheartaigh19th May 1963 to 23rd Jun 196511
8Jonathan Miller19th Jun 2001 to 7th Jun 200511
9Catriona Hanafin22nd Jun 1993 to 24th Jun 199711
10Ian O'Sullivan17th Jun 1995 to 8th Jun 200411
11Denis Twomey17th May 1959 to 31st May 196410
12Caroline Deasy28th Jun 1994 to 23rd Jun 199810
13Katrina Campbell22nd Jun 1993 to 19th Jun 200110
14Sean O'Dwyer19th May 1963 to 28th Mar 196610
15Johnny Cashman17th Jun 1995 to 22nd Jun 199910
16Donna Lennon23rd Jun 1998 to 18th Jun 200210
17Mary Devlin22nd Jun 1999 to 18th Jun 20029
18Gerard Nagle22nd Jun 1993 to 20th Jun 19959
19SeŠn F. ” Muircheartaigh30th May 1964 to 12th Jul 19699
20Marie O'Meara11th Mar 1995 to 25th Jun 19969
Meets hosted by Irish Universities Athletic Association
25th May 2019Celtic T&FAntrim ForumView3897Irish Universities v Scottish Universities
17th Nov 2018RoadNUI MaynoothView2246 
9th Feb 2018IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyView72334 
27th May 2017Celtic T&FSantryView37104IUAA v SUCA. A torrential downpour led to the match being suspended for an hour and half for safety reasons. Two events were held indoors - Pole Vault and Triple Jump. The 110mH was abandoned.
4th Mar 2017Cross CountryAbbotstownView2170National XC Course, Abbotstown
10th Feb 2017IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyView71329 
19th Nov 2016RoadNUI MaynoothView2237 
14th Nov 2015RoadNUI MaynoothView2270This was a new course. Each lap was 1670m and the first leg runner ran an extra 183m from the start line to the finish line.
31st May 2015Celtic T&FMary PetersView38130This is an international meeting between the Irish Universities, Scottish Universities & Athletics NI. The event is being hosted by the IUAA & ANI.
7th Mar 2015Cross CountryClongowes Wood CollegeView2174 
6th Feb 2015IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyView65300 
15th Nov 2014RoadNUI MaynoothView2235 
7th Feb 2014IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyView70322 
23rd Nov 2013RoadNUI MaynoothView2242 
1st Jun 2013Celtic T&FTallaght AC TrackView38124 
1st Feb 2013IndoorsAthlone Institute of TechnologyView63301
17th Nov 2012RoadNUI MaynoothView2206 
4th Feb 2012IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView55199 
5th Feb 2011IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView52167 
13th Feb 2010IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView61206 
14th to 15th Feb 2009IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & Odyssey ArenaView62185 
15th Nov 2008RoadNUI MaynoothView2175 
8th to 9th Dec 2007IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium & BelfastView60165 
17th Nov 2007RoadNUI MaynoothView2177 
31st Mar 2007Celtic XCDCU Sportsgrounds, GlasnevinView246held in conjunction with the Kit Kat Schools International Cross Country Championships
2nd to 3rd Dec 2006IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView62171 
10th to 11th Dec 2005IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView66183 
3rd to 4th Dec 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView71187 
6th to 7th Feb 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView74197 
22nd Mar 2003Celtic XCGrange GormanView245 
6th to 7th Dec 2002IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView72199 
7th to 8th Dec 2001IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView69202 
1st to 2nd Dec 2000IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView68194 
11th Mar 2000Celtic XCPhoenix ParkView249 
3rd to 4th Dec 1999IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView66203The Millenium Championships
11th to 12th Dec 1998IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView55163 
14th Mar 1998Celtic XCSantry Playing FieldsView257 
12th to 13th Dec 1997IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView55169 
13th to 14th Dec 1996IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView51142 
9th to 10th Feb 1996IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView64206 
25th Nov 1995RoadNUI MaynoothView29 
10th Feb 1995IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView2661 
21st Jan 1994IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView33138 
12th Feb 1993IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView24102 
1st Mar 1992RoadNUI MaynoothView15Exact date unknown
1st Mar 1991RoadNUI MaynoothView17Exact date unknown
12th Jul 1969InternationalsBelfieldView1630Inter-Universties International between Irish Universities and Edinburgh University
31st May 1964IUAA RepresentativeBelfieldView1533Combined Universities v NACVA President's Select v The Army
19th May 1963IUAA RepresentativeEamonn Ceannt StadiumView1539Irish Universities v. N.A.C.A.I. President's Selection v. Irish Defence Forces.
6th Jun 1962IUAA RepresentativeEamonn Ceannt StadiumView1535N.A.C.A. President's Select v Irish Universities v Defence Forces.
14th May 1961IUAA RepresentativeLourdes StadiumView1360Irish Universities v. N.A.C.A.I. President's Selection v. The Army. This was the inaugural athletics meeting to mark the opening of the Lourdes Stadium, Drogheda. This was also the first triangular match, the three previous contests having taken place between the N.A.C.A. President's Select and Combined Universities [UCD, UCG and UCC]. The Universities competed in College singlets: U.C.D. - pale blue, U.C.C. - red; U.C.G. - Maroon; The Army competed in green singlets; the N.A.C.A.I. President's Selection competed in white singlets. The 4x110 yards relay and the 3 miles events were not held on this occasion because the meeting was abandoned about 30 min from its finish due to the death of a spectator. Jack Beare, a former competitive cyclist from Coolock, Dublin, collapsed and died in the stand. He had earlier watched his son, Jack Jnr., finish 2nd in a thrilling 2-mile cycle race on the grass in-field. However, based on maximum points available from both of these events to the NACA team, the President's select could not have won the match. This was the Universities first win in this match series.
28th Jun 1927InternationalsTerenureView1130The inaugural athletics match between Irish Universities and the Atalanta Club, the combined Scottish Universities Select team from Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrew's and Aberdeen, took place on the sports grounds of University College Dublin in Terenure. The Irish Universities team was selected by the Irish Inter-University Committee which organised and ran the Intervarsity Championships. This new international event in the athletic life of both countries was mooted as a fixture that would strengthen the ties between Ireland and Scotland. The Scottish team included R.D. Allison, the Scottish Universities 100y and 220y champion and ex-440y champion, A.F. Clark, Scottish 120y hurdles champion, R.B. Hoole, the Scottish 440y champion, and Dr A.P. Spark in shot putt and discus who was a member of the British Olympic Team in Paris in 1924. Based on Irish, British and world records, the Irish Times had commented the day before this contest on the backward condition of athletics in Ireland in that there were few men capable of holding their own with the front rankers of other countries. The newspaper welcomed the inauguration of the international inter-universities contest as "an important and marked advance in the development of athletics in Ireland". In its report on the contest the Irish Times further commented: "Athletics and various other branches of sport have always received a considerable amount of attention in our universities and colleges, which have given to sport athletes whose feats of skill, courage and endurance have reflected credit on their institutions... The successful launching of the [international inter-universities] contest should act a great stimulus to all who have the welfare of athletics in Ireland at heart... Thus we have in this inter-universities contest a strong incentive for our 'Varsity athletes to redouble their efforts on the training ground... And who can at the moment doubt that out of this modest beginning may emerge a regular international University contest." The outstanding performance of the Irish Universities team was that of Sean Lavan in winning the 220y and 440y, placing 2nd in the discus and anchoring the one-mile relay team to victory. The Irish and Scottish teams were entertained to supper. While the contest was scored on number of wins across the 11 disciplines, had the contest been scored as 2 for a win and 1 for the runner-up as in the next contest in 1929, Ireland would still have won by 18 pts to 15 pts.