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Waterford Institute of Technology

Long NameWaterford Institute of Technology
Short NameWIT
AddressCork Road, Waterford, Ireland.
College Urlhttp://www.wit.ie
Club Urlhttp://www.wit.ie/clubsandsocs/athletic/
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Related Colleges: Waterford Regional Technical College

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Trophies won by Waterford Institute of Technology
IndoorsFemale Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals  2 x  2 bronze medals  
IndoorsMale Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
Cross CountryMale Team Competition 3 x  3 silver medals  1 x  1 bronze medals  
T&FFemale Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
T&FJumps Trophy  1 x  1 bronze medals  

Athletes competing per season for Waterford Institute of Technology

Athletes competing per season for Waterford Institute of Technology

Indoors Male Records
60mDavid HynesWIT6.84 4th Feb 2012
60mHAaron Tierney SmithWIT8.38 8th Feb 2019
200mPatrick LynchWIT22.7710th Feb 2017
400mShaun DonohueWIT50.4110th Feb 2017
400mShaun DonohueWIT50.4110th Feb 2017
800mFrancis O'MahonyWIT1:55.74 7th Dec 2002
1500mAndrew ConnickWIT3:59.8012th Feb 2016
1500mAndrew ConnickWIT3:59.8012th Feb 2016
2000mWRoss Alexander (OYD)WIT9:01.1411th Dec 2005
3000mJason FahyWIT8:37.18 4th Feb 2012
4x200mDavid McDonaldWIT90.68 8th Feb 2019
4x200mDavid McDonaldWIT90.68 8th Feb 2019
4x200mShaun DonohueWIT90.68 8th Feb 2019
4x200mShaun DonohueWIT90.68 8th Feb 2019
4x200mPatrick Lynch (OYD)WIT90.68 8th Feb 2019
4x200mPatrick Lynch (OYD)WIT90.68 8th Feb 2019
4x200mAaron Tierney SmithWIT90.68 8th Feb 2019
4x200mAaron Tierney SmithWIT90.68 8th Feb 2019
LJKeith Smith (OYD)WIT6.71 6th Feb 2015
TJSean ArcherWIT14.02 7th Feb 2014
HJShane O'DwyerWIT2.00 7th Feb 2014
PVLiam HoulihanWIT3.70 7th Feb 2004
SPDavid HannonWIT10.31 5th Feb 2011
16kgWfDDale Murphy ButlerWIT4.58 9th Feb 2018
35lbWfDStephen O'RourkeWIT6.8513th Feb 2010
CELiam HoulihanWIT2550 7th Dec 2002
T&F Male Records
100mPaul GillWIT10.6022nd Apr 2005
110mHJeremy LyonsWIT15.0425th Apr 1997
200mDavid HynesWIT21.9212th to 13th Apr 2013
400mTomas ComanWIT47.7723rd to 24th Apr 1999
400mHColin ByrneWIT53.3124th Apr 1999
800mFrancis O'MahonyWIT1:55.6223rd Apr 2005
1500mMichael DowlingWIT4:00.0624th Apr 2010
3000mSCBrian McGinleyWIT9:43.7420th Apr 2012
3000mWMichael RyanWIT13:39.6419th Apr 2008
5000mDan Mulhare (OYD)WIT15:01.0119th Apr 2008
10000mAndrew ConnickWIT30:40.5511th to 12th Apr 2014
4x100mBarry ReganWIT43.6321st Apr 2012
4x100mBarry Upton (OYD)WIT43.6321st Apr 2012
4x100mShane ConnickWIT43.6321st Apr 2012
4x100mDavid HynesWIT43.6321st Apr 2012
4x400mJustin BrowneWIT3:20.9723rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x400mAlan O'MahonyWIT3:20.9723rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x400mColin ByrneWIT3:20.9723rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x400mTomas ComanWIT3:20.9723rd to 24th Apr 1999
LJTony StaffordWIT6.9910th to 11th Apr 2015
TJSean ArcherWIT13.7810th to 11th Apr 2015
HJShane O'DwyerWIT1.9529th Apr 2011
HJShane O'DwyerWIT1.9512th to 13th Apr 2013
HJRyan Carthy WalshWIT1.95 5th to 6th Apr 2019
PVLiam HoulihanWIT3.2025th Apr 2003
PVLiam HoulihanWIT3.2017th Apr 2004
SPDavid HannonWIT10.6318th Apr 2008
DTRobert ButlerWIT35.8617th Apr 2004
HTKieran Murphy (OYD)WIT44.05 7th to 8th Apr 2017
JTEoghan FlynnWIT50.5613th to 14th Apr 2018
16kgWfDKieran Murphy (OYD)WIT6.68 7th to 8th Apr 2017
35lbWfDKieran MurphyWIT6.6510th to 11th Apr 2015
CEDamien Walsh (OYD)WIT201312th to 13th Apr 2013
Indoors Female Records
60mFrancesca Reville (OYD)WIT7.98 4th Feb 2012
60mHLeona ByrneWIT9.12 4th Feb 2012
200mSinead HickeyWIT25.3012th to 13th Dec 1997
400mKaren ShinkinsWIT55.0012th Dec 1998
800mBrid ByrneWIT2:22.82 8th Dec 2001
1500mShannen RyanWIT5:05.35 7th Feb 2014
1500mWMartina LaniganWIT7:16.58 1st to 2nd Dec 2000
3000mJanette BoranWIT12:03.9510th Dec 2005
4x200mEilis MageeWIT109.0013th Dec 1997
4x200mTrish CahillWIT109.0013th Dec 1997
4x200mSinead HickeyWIT109.0013th Dec 1997
4x200mKaren ShinkinsWIT109.0013th Dec 1997
LJLeona ByrneWIT5.69 4th Feb 2012
TJAoife BartleyWIT10.99 5th Feb 2011
HJLeona ByrneWIT1.69 4th Feb 2012
SPEdel MeagherWIT11.4213th to 14th Dec 1996
8kgWfDCharlotte O'FarrellWIT6.05 4th Feb 2012
CELeona ByrneWIT3400 4th Feb 2012
T&F Female Records
100mPhil HealyWIT11.51 5th to 6th Apr 2019
100mHNiamh Cummins (OYD)WIT16.1021st Apr 2006
200mPhil HealyWIT23.04 5th to 6th Apr 2019
400mKaren ShinkinsWIT53.5024th Apr 1999
400mHDenise O ConnorWIT64.66 5th to 6th Apr 2019
800mAlison MillerWIT2:21.9516th Apr 2004
1500mOrla Mc PhillipsWIT5:02.6412th to 13th Apr 2013
1500mWEmma FarrellWIT7:25.7825th Apr 2009
3000mPauline KavanaghWIT11:31.9424th to 25th Apr 1998
3000mSCMollie HutchinsonWIT12:09.94 5th to 6th Apr 2019
5000mPauline KavanaghWIT20:02.8623rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x100mMargaret CarewWIT51.0923rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x100mKaren ShinkinsWIT51.0923rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x100mMaritta O'ConnorWIT51.0923rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x100mSinead HickeyWIT51.0923rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x400mMargaret CarewWIT4:01.3523rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x400mMarritta O'ConnorWIT4:01.3523rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x400mKaren ShinkinsWIT4:01.3523rd to 24th Apr 1999
4x400mSinead HickeyWIT4:01.3523rd to 24th Apr 1999
LJNicola PowerWIT5.3629th Apr 2011
TJTrish CahillWIT10.7324th to 25th Apr 1998
TJAoife BartleyWIT10.7330th Apr 2011
HJSarah ShovlinWIT1.5211th to 12th Apr 2014
PVSiobhan BracketWIT1.9519th Apr 2008
SPEdel MeagherWIT11.3025th to 26th Apr 1997
DTZoe ScanlonWIT35.1621st Apr 2012
HTCharlotte O'FarrellWIT46.4930th Apr 2011
JTOrlaith O'BrienWIT42.9813th to 14th Apr 2018
JToSiobhán O'MalleyWIT21.2624th to 25th Apr 1998
8kgWfDZoe ScanlonWIT7.0211th to 12th Apr 2014
CEAoife BartleyWIT257329th Apr 2011
Most appearances for Waterford Institute of Technology
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Damien Walsh 6th Feb 2004 to 12th Apr 201374
2Andrew Connick22nd Apr 2005 to 15th Apr 201652
3Zita Murphy20th Apr 2001 to 22nd Apr 200539
4Patrick Lynch 6th Feb 2015 to 5th Apr 201937
5Shane Connick 5th Feb 2011 to 10th Apr 201535
6Barry Upton 3rd Dec 2004 to 20th Apr 201235
7Eimear Lynch 1st Feb 2013 to 7th Apr 201733
8Adrian Jackman21st Apr 2006 to 23rd Apr 201032
9Francesca Reville 8th Dec 2007 to 20th Apr 201231
10Shane O'Rahilly17th Nov 2012 to 7th Apr 201730
11Michael Deady 1st Feb 2013 to 7th Apr 201730
12Richard Lucas20th Apr 2012 to 7th Apr 201729
13Margaret Grace 7th Feb 2014 to 5th Apr 201929
14Francis O'Mahony 3rd Dec 1999 to 2nd Dec 200628
15James Maher14th Nov 2009 to 11th Apr 201427
16Shaun Donohue12th Feb 2016 to 5th Apr 201926
17Ross O'Loughlin 2nd Dec 2006 to 23rd Apr 201025
18Tony Stafford 7th Feb 2014 to 7th Apr 201725
19Aoife Bartley 5th Feb 2011 to 11th Apr 201424
20Shane O'Dwyer 5th Feb 2011 to 11th Apr 201424
Meets hosted by Waterford Institute of Technology
11th to 12th Apr 2014T&FWaterfordView75342 
10th Mar 2012Cross CountryWaterfordView2188