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Dublin Institute of Technology

Long NameDublin Institute of Technology
Short NameDIT
AddressFitzwilliam House, 30 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
College Urlhttp://www.dit.ie
Club Url 
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Trophies won by Dublin Institute of Technology
IndoorsMale Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
Cross CountryMale Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
T&FOverall Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
T&FMale Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
RoadMale Race  2 x  2 bronze medals  
RoadFemale Race1 x  1 gold medals    

Athletes competing per season for Dublin Institute of Technology

Athletes competing per season for Dublin Institute of Technology

Indoors Male Records
60mPaul WhelanDIT7.05 5th Feb 2011
60mHSimon MunroDIT11.56 1st Feb 2013
200mDavid GillickDIT22.14 4th Dec 2004
400mZak HigginsDIT50.59 8th Feb 2019
800mAindriú JenkinsonDIT1:56.83 1st Feb 2013
1500mPaul Campbell (OYD)DIT3:56.66 8th Dec 2001
1500mWPat RyanDIT6:08.0521st Jan 1994
3000mGary HynesDIT8:27.3211th Dec 2005
4x200mConor McDonaghDIT97.25 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
4x200mMark ReidDIT97.25 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
4x200mStephen O'ConnorDIT97.25 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
4x200mPatrick ShannonDIT97.25 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
LJKolade AdiodunDIT6.45 8th Feb 2019
TJPatrick ShannonDIT14.44 4th Dec 1999
HJGordon FlemingDIT1.7012th to 13th Dec 1997
PVIan Rodgers (OYD)DIT4.70 7th Feb 2014
SPAustin KennedyDIT13.00 7th Dec 2002
35lbWfDAustin KennedyDIT8.81 7th Dec 2002
CESimon Munro (OYD)DIT185412th Feb 2016
T&F Male Records
100mDavid GillickDIT10.9617th Apr 2004
110mHRobert CooperDIT19.2224th to 25th Apr 1998
200mDavid GillickDIT21.2122nd Apr 2005
400mDavid GillickDIT47.7826th Apr 2003
400mHPaul McHaleDIT56.7824th to 25th Apr 1998
800mPaul CampbellDIT1:54.1124th Apr 1999
1500mGary HynesDIT3:58.7922nd Apr 2006
3000mSCEugene O'NeillDIT9:24.6614th Apr 2000
3000mWPat RyanDIT12:29.0421st to 22nd Apr 1995
5000mLiam BradyDIT15:14.0121st Apr 2012
10000mJohn Paul CartyDIT31:22.2313th to 14th Apr 2018
4x100mJohn ConnollyDIT44.0624th to 25th Apr 1998
4x100mPaul McHaleDIT44.0624th to 25th Apr 1998
4x100mPatrick ShannonDIT44.0624th to 25th Apr 1998
4x100mJames MatthewsDIT44.0624th to 25th Apr 1998
4x400mPaul CampbellDIT3:29.5224th to 25th Apr 1998
4x400mColin WalshDIT3:29.5224th to 25th Apr 1998
4x400mEugene O'NeillDIT3:29.5224th to 25th Apr 1998
4x400mPatrick ShannonDIT3:29.5224th to 25th Apr 1998
LJJohn NultyDIT6.5413th to 14th Apr 2018
TJPatrick ShannonDIT13.8326th Apr 1997
HJStephen O'RiordanDIT1.5529th Apr 2011
HJSimon Munro (OYD)DIT1.5515th Apr 2016
PVIan RodgersDIT4.7024th Apr 2010
SPAustin KennedyDIT12.6825th Apr 2003
DTAiden ForgartyDIT36.8421st Apr 2001
HTEoin FanningDIT33.2821st Apr 2012
JTJaco OosthuysenDIT59.2310th to 11th Apr 2015
35lbWfDAustin KennedyDIT9.4424th to 25th Apr 1998
CESimon MunroDIT177010th to 11th Apr 2015
Indoors Female Records
60mAoife McNeilDIT7.96 6th Feb 2004
60mHNiamh FusseyDIT9.71 6th Feb 2015
200mSinead Denny (OYD)DIT25.08 7th Feb 2014
400mSnezana Bechtina (OYD)DIT59.22 7th Feb 2014
800mSinead DennyDIT2:16.06 4th Feb 2012
1500mEdel MonaghanDIT4:47.23 9th Feb 2018
1500mWVeronica BurkeDIT6:41.52 9th Feb 2018
3000mFrancine MeehanDIT11:52.0011th to 12th Dec 1998
LJBronagh CarrollDIT4.7311th to 12th Dec 1998
TJJenny RiellyDIT10.66 8th Dec 2007
HJJenny RiellyDIT1.60 8th Dec 2007
SPBronagh CarrollDIT9.9911th to 12th Dec 1998
T&F Female Records
100mLouise KiernanDIT12.1118th Apr 2008
200mLouise KiernanDIT25.3618th Apr 2008
400mSinead DennyDIT56.4012th to 13th Apr 2013
800mSinead DennyDIT2:14.0021st Apr 2012
1500mMaria LynchDIT4:39.4721st Apr 2001
1500mWVeronica BurkeDIT6:46.11 7th to 8th Apr 2017
3000mMaria LynchDIT10:04.0223rd to 24th Apr 1999
5000mFiona McGannDIT18:33.0025th to 26th Apr 1997
4x400mLauren FlahertyDIT4:20.81 5th to 6th Apr 2019
4x400mAoife CorrDIT4:20.81 5th to 6th Apr 2019
4x400mEdel MonaghanDIT4:20.81 5th to 6th Apr 2019
4x400mSarah LahiffDIT4:20.81 5th to 6th Apr 2019
TJJenny RiellyDIT10.8219th Apr 2008
HJJenny RiellyDIT1.5518th Apr 2008
SPCatherine RogersDIT4.9925th Apr 2003
DTJ HealyDIT35.6123rd to 24th Apr 1999
HTJennifer HealyDIT29.2123rd to 24th Apr 1999
JTElaine CorriganDIT28.2115th Apr 2016
Most appearances for Dublin Institute of Technology
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Simon Munro 5th Feb 2011 to 15th Apr 201641
2Gary Hynes 1st Dec 2000 to 21st Apr 200631
3Sinead Denny14th Nov 2009 to 11th Apr 201428
4David Gillick16th Nov 2002 to 21st Apr 200625
5Lorcan Kinsella19th Apr 2002 to 21st Apr 200623
6Patrick Shannon19th Apr 1996 to 14th Apr 200019
7Paul Whelan 5th Feb 2011 to 7th Feb 201419
8Christophere Kelly14th Feb 2009 to 10th Mar 201218
9Paul Campbell12th Dec 1997 to 7th Dec 200118
10Jerry Connolly12th Dec 1997 to 3rd Dec 199917
11Austin Kennedy24th Apr 1998 to 16th Apr 200417
12Packie Enright13th Apr 2007 to 23rd Apr 201016
13David Doran10th Mar 2012 to 15th Apr 201615
14Ian Rodgers14th Feb 2009 to 11th Apr 201414
15Aindriú Jenkinson12th Nov 2011 to 7th Feb 201413
16Mark Conway15th Nov 2008 to 12th Nov 201113
17Stephen O'Gorman 6th Feb 2004 to 21st Apr 200613
18Eugene O'Neill16th Dec 1995 to 7th Apr 200113
19Shane Cowzer17th Nov 2007 to 13th Nov 201012
20Conor Coleman13th Feb 2010 to 29th Apr 201111
Meets hosted by Dublin Institute of Technology
12th Mar 2011Cross CountryNational Aquatic CenterView2207Held in conjunction with the ISAA Championships
22nd to 23rd Apr 2005T&FIrishtown Stadium & BelfieldView64260 
28th Feb 1998Cross CountryPhoenix ParkView2142