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President's Select

Long NamePresident's Select
Short NamePresident's Select
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Trophies won by President's Select
Celtic XCFemale Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals   
Celtic XCMale Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals  1 x  1 bronze medals  

Athletes competing per season for President's Select

Athletes competing per season for President's Select

Most appearances for President's Select
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Gerry McEvoy30th Jun 19782
2Helen Murphy11th Mar 2000 to 22nd Mar 20032
3Adrian Gilbane31st Mar 20071
4Cormac Fitzpatrick22nd Mar 20031
5Mary Dallat22nd Mar 20031
6John Hursh11th Mar 20001
7Noel Carroll30th Jun 19781
8Elizabeth Egan11th Mar 20001
9Wendy Davis31st Mar 20071
10Andrew Connick31st Mar 20071
11William Morris22nd Mar 20031
12Declan Hegarty30th Jun 19781
13Deirdre McDermott22nd Mar 20031
14Liam O'Brien30th Jun 19781
15Patrick Muldoon11th Mar 20001
16Tim Crowe30th Jun 19781
17Niamh Devlin31st Mar 20071
18James Murphy22nd Mar 20031
19Ian Chaney22nd Mar 20031
20Sean Whitney30th Jun 19781