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Meets held at Ballsbridge
24th May 1913T&FUCDView1744The Irish Independent and the Irish Times both recorded in their pre-championship reviews of the upcoming 1913 Inter-'Varsity Sports that the three constituent Colleges of the National University of Ireland were to compete against Dublin University and Queen's University of Belfast. However, UCG did not show. The spirit to revive and augment these inter-university championships came at a time of increasing strife between the bodies administering Irish athletics, which the students of the universities wished to circumvent by holding championships under the auspices of their Athletic Unions. The situation was summarised in the Irish Times [26 May, 1913, pg. 3]: "During recent years the lack of interest in Irish athletics has been very strongly marked. In fact, athletics in Ireland were never in such a backward condition as at present, a state of affairs for which the deplorable 'split' between the I.A.A.A. and the G.A.A. is solely responsible. Both organisations have suffered through the short-sighted policy which has been for years adopted by each........ Under these circumstances it must be said that the inception of the Inter-University Sports came at a most opportune time at what may, with accuracy, be described as a most critical point in Irish athletics. And let it be said at once that that notable gathering furnished a striking illustration of what can be achieved when everything else but the best interests of sport is placed in the background." An Editorial [Irish Times, 23 May 1913, pg 4], under the heading Student Intercourse, commented: "Barriers of class and locality will fall before the absorbing interest of sporting rivalry.... There is no reason why social intercourse of this kind should be confined to the sporting events.... We shall welcome any developments which lead to increased intercourse between students of our various Universities." [Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose]. The numbers of spectators were described as of 'eminently satisfactory proportions', the stand being well filled. Each of the participating Colleges was strongly represented. "If weather were specially ordered there could have been nothing more favourable than the first flicker of summer at Ballsbridge." During these championships the Irish National Orchestra provided an excellent programme of musical interludes. The arrangements for the athletics were described as "of a very perfect nature", reflecting the greatest credit on the organising committee. The starter was Mr James T. Magee [Irish British Lion to South Africa 1896], who brought off the meeting to time. The Ladies Cup for the winning team and the medals were presented by Mrs Coffey, wife of Dr Denis Coffey, President of University College Dublin [1910-1940].