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Westerlands, Glasgow

NameWesterlands, Glasgow
Meets held at Westerlands, Glasgow
11th Jun 1972InternationalsSUCAView911IUAA v SUCA v EUAA. Partial results taken from Irish Times. Overall results Men: IUAA 148, EUAA 134, SUCA 102 Women: EUAA 109, SUCA 87, IUAA 55.
6th Jul 1938InternationalsGlasgowView1226Irish Universities (TCD & QUB) vs Atalanta Club (Glasgow & Edinburgh). The 1930 fixture between Atalanta and Irish Universities was to have taken place on 5th July, but this date was found unsuitable and Scottish Universities decided that they could not field a team later in the season. Atalanta's visit was postponed until June 1931. No record of a match in 1931 has been found. However, a full Ireland v Scotland International match did take place at Croke Park on 25 July, 1931. Several Irish university athletes competed - Patrick C. Moore (UCD), Theo D. Phelan (UCD), Henry R. Davies (TCD) and Dr Pat O'Callaghan (UCC). Ireland won the match 20 pts to 13 pts. The 1933 visit of Atalanta fell foul of the brewing political situation between the N.A.C.A.I., the N.I.A.A.A. and the B.A.A.B. At the twelfth hour a telegram was received from the Atalanta Club stating that their visit to Dublin had been cancelled. No specific reason was given. However, it was surmised that the Scottish team had been ordered to cancel their visit on instructions issued by or on behalf of the International Board, composed of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as a consequence of the dispute between the N.A.C.A.I. and the Northern Ireland Association, and possibly also in retaliation for the ban on intervarsity competition imposed on Queen's University of Belfast by the N.A.C.A.I. A further match between Scottish Universities and Irish Universities did not become possible until the rustication of the N.A.C.A.I. from the I.A.A.F. and the formation of the A.A.U.E. The Irish Universities team for the 3rd meeting with the Atalanta Club was confined to athletes from Trinity College and Queen's University. The three colleges of the N.U.I. were excluded because they remained members of the N.A.C.A.I. The match took place at Westerlands, Glasgow University's sports grounds, on a cinder track. Atalanta won the 440 yards by default when Norman De Vere (TCD) was disqualified, after winning the race by a yard, for fouling his lane while coming up the back straight. De Vere made good his mistake by winning the 880 yards and by setting up an early lead in the relay for an Irish win. No records were set and no athlete achieved win doubles. Irish Universities won nine of the twelve events and the match comfortably.