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Nenagh Olympic Stadium

NameNenagh Olympic Stadium
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Map of Nenagh Olympic Stadium

Meets held at Nenagh Olympic Stadium
4th Feb 2012IndoorsIUAAView55199 
5th Feb 2011IndoorsIUAAView52167 
13th Feb 2010IndoorsIUAAView61206 
14th to 15th Feb 2009IndoorsIUAAView62185 
8th to 9th Dec 2007IndoorsIUAAView60165 
2nd to 3rd Dec 2006IndoorsIUAAView62171 
10th to 11th Dec 2005IndoorsIUAAView66183 
3rd to 4th Dec 2004IndoorsIUAAView71187 
6th to 7th Feb 2004IndoorsIUAAView74197 
6th to 7th Dec 2002IndoorsIUAAView72199 
7th to 8th Dec 2001IndoorsIUAAView69202 
1st to 2nd Dec 2000IndoorsIUAAView68194 
3rd to 4th Dec 1999IndoorsIUAAView66203The Millenium Championships
11th to 12th Dec 1998IndoorsIUAAView55163 
12th to 13th Dec 1997IndoorsIUAAView55169 
13th to 14th Dec 1996IndoorsIUAAView51142 
9th to 10th Feb 1996IndoorsIUAAView64206 
10th Feb 1995IndoorsIUAAView2661 
21st Jan 1994IndoorsIUAAView33138 
12th Feb 1993IndoorsIUAAView24102 
31st Jan 1992IndoorsULView2317This was the inaugural indoors championship. UL won both the mens and womens team competitions.