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1962-02-17 Colours Cross Country

ChampionshipColours XC
NoteThe first ever cross-country race, "Colours Match", between U.C.D. and T.C.D. was held over 6 miles, consisting of four laps of a one and a half mile loop. From the start the Colours Match was a very closely contested race. U.C.D. did finish their six scoring athletes just one place ahead of T.C.D. Under the international rules then in force, U.C.D. should have been declared the winners. It was agreed between the teams that this should not be applied on this occasion and that the event should be declared an 'honourable draw' with the honours shared to mark the importance of the sporting event between the Colleges. One of the U.C.D. "B" team finished 8th, but, as has been agreed beforehand, reserves or "B" team athletes did not count in the "A" race. The race was declared a success and both teams hoped that in the near future all colleges and universities would be able to compete against each other for a full cross-country championship. The other two "A" team athletes for T.C.D. were B. Davies and R. Senior; the reserve is unknown. The other three "A" team athletes for U.C.D. (team + reserve) were M. Cassidy, H. Conway, and M. Finucane. These six athletes finished in positions 14, 16, 18, 19, 26 and 29. The positions of other "B" team athletes, assuming there were 8 or 9 on each team, are unknown.



3Unknown       06

Male Cross Country Final (6 miles)

1Stephen Knights WhittomeTCD30:06.00100%1 
2John HickeyUCD32:42.00108%2 
3Anthony Ralph SparshottTCD30:59.00102%3 
4John McKennaUCD31:00.00102%4 
5M. BowmanUCD31:15.00103%5 
6Anthony D.G. ShillingtonTCD32:21.00107%6 
7Donal CullenUCD31:43.00105%7 
8M. MitchellUCD32:01.00106% 1
9Patrick John "Paddy" DaveyTCD32:03.00106%8 
10Francis Henry QuinlanTCD32:08.00106%9 
11M. ClancyUCD32:11.00106%10 
12A. McLoughlinUCD32:12.00106%11 
13J. HillTCD32:13.00107%12 
14A.N. OtherUnknownNT   
15A.N. OtherTCDNT  2
16A.N. OtherUnknownNT   
17A.N. OtherTCDNT  3
18A.N. OtherUnknownNT   
19A.N. OtherUnknownNT   
20A.N. OtherUCDNT  4
21A.N. OtherUCDNT  5
22A.N. OtherTCDNT  6
23A.N. OtherUCDNT  7
24A.N. OtherUCDNT  8
25A.N. OtherUCDNT  9
26A.N. OtherUnknownNT   
27A.N. OtherTCDNT  10
28A.N. OtherTCDNT  11
29A.N. OtherUnknownNT   
30A.N. OtherTCDNT  12