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Trophies won by Guest
T&FCombined Events Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals   

Athletes competing per season for Guest

Athletes competing per season for Guest

Most appearances for Guest
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1David Hynes 2nd Dec 2006 to 23rd Apr 201020
2Fiona Keegan21st Jan 1994 to 9th Feb 19968
3Jonathan Miller13th Apr 2007 to 24th Apr 20097
4Gary Park19th Feb 1994 to 5th Feb 20056
5Helen Buckley25th Apr 20035
6Brendan Bourke16th Apr 20045
7John O'Sullivan 9th Feb 19965
8Jeremy Lyons 9th Feb 19965
9Karen Shinkins 9th Feb 19965
10Alison Beck23rd Apr 19995
11Nick Hogan18th Apr 2008 to 24th Apr 20095
12Ashley Henry22nd Jun 1999 to 20th Apr 20014
13Marcus Lawler29th Apr 20114
14Kevin Burke 8th Jun 20044
15Ailish Dunne20th Apr 2012 to 12th Apr 20134
16Cliodhna Manning29th Apr 20114
17Steven Colvert29th Apr 20114
18Sarah Lavin29th Apr 20114
19Eilis Magee 9th Feb 19964
20Rolus Olusa12th Feb 20164