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Trophies won by Scottish Universities
Celtic XCFemale Team Competition1 x  1 gold medals  1 x  1 silver medals  2 x  2 bronze medals  
Celtic XCMale Team Competition 5 x  5 silver medals  1 x  1 bronze medals  
Celtic T&FOverall Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals  10 x  10 bronze medals  
Celtic T&FFemale Team Competition2 x  2 gold medals  1 x  1 silver medals  7 x  7 bronze medals  
Celtic T&FMale Team Competition 2 x  2 silver medals  9 x  9 bronze medals  
IUAA RepresentativeFemale Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals   
InternationalsFemale Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals   
InternationalsMale Team Competition1 x  1 gold medals    

Athletes competing per season for Scottish Universities

Athletes competing per season for Scottish Universities

Most appearances for Scottish Universities
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Richard Holmes22nd Jun 1993 to 24th Jun 199713
2Cathal McGinley20th Jun 2000 to 19th Jun 200111
3Elaine Donald22nd Jun 1993 to 25th Jun 199611
4Ken Pearson22nd Jun 1993 to 20th Jun 199510
5Tracy Shorts22nd Jun 1993 to 20th Jun 19959
6David Gow24th Jun 1997 to 19th Jun 20019
7Sarah Richmond22nd Jun 1993 to 11th Mar 19957
8Esther Sneddon22nd Jun 1993 to 20th Jun 19957
9Jane Scott20th Jun 2000 to 19th Jun 20017
10Jill Overend22nd Jun 1999 to 19th Jun 20017
11Robert Forbes28th Jun 1994 to 23rd Jun 19986
12Frazer McDougall25th Jun 1996 to 23rd Jun 19986
13Gordon Barrie28th Jun 1994 to 25th Jun 19966
14Jane Coates11th Mar 1995 to 25th Jun 19966
15Anne McPhail11th Mar 1995 to 14th Mar 19985
16Nigel Paterson11th Mar 1995 to 25th Jun 19965
17William Falconer23rd Jun 1998 to 20th Jun 20005
18Heather Pirie11th Mar to 20th Jun 19954
19Clare Mackintosh22nd Jun 1993 to 28th Jun 19944
20Sarah Ramminger28th Jun 1994 to 11th Mar 19954
Meets hosted by Scottish Universities
28th Mar 2008Celtic XCStrathallan SchoolView229In Conjunction with Schools International Athletic Board
11th Mar 1995InternationalsKelvin Hall, GlasgowView29138The scoring system of 6, 4, 3, 2 for each of the A & B Grades was put forward by the Scottish Universities and agreed by all teams. As a number of University teams had additional athletes it was agreed at the managers meeting that additional athletes could compete as part of their team (mainly in B Grade) with the highest placing athlete taking the relevant points. A max of two could score in either Grade regardless of the number of competitors from any participating team.