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1987-02-07 Road Relay Championships

VenueNUI Maynooth
NoteThe hallowed precincts of Maynooth College were disturbed by the patter of fast feet on Saturday February 7th when the first Inter-varsity Road Relays were held there. The Relays provided a winning double for TCE. In the Womens' event - 1-2-2-1 miles - only Thomond, UCG and Maynooth fielded teams. Thomond took first and third, the "A" team's winning margin over UCG being 97 secs. UCD and TCD did not participate. The Mens' relay of 1-2-3-2-1 miles was also won by Thomond College with a winning margin of 88 secs over the UCD "A" and TCD "A" teams. Twelve mens' teams took part, including teams from the Incorporated Law Society and Rathmines College of Commerce.


Team Result

PlaceLegAthleteCollegeMarkSplitOn Road
11A.N. OtherTCE 'A'NTNT 
12A.N. OtherTCE 'A'NTNT 
13A.N. OtherTCE 'A'NTNT 
14A.N. OtherTCE 'A'NT34:53.001
21A.N. OtherUCGNTNT 
22A.N. OtherUCGNTNT 
23A.N. OtherUCGNTNT 
24A.N. OtherUCGNT36:30.002
31A.N. OtherTCE 'B'NTNT 
32A.N. OtherTCE 'B'NTNT 
33A.N. OtherTCE 'B'NTNT 
34A.N. OtherTCE 'B'NTNT 


Team Result

PlaceLegAthleteCollegeMarkSplitOn RoadNote
11A.N. OtherTCENTNT  
12A.N. OtherTCENTNT  
13Noel RichardsonTCENTNT  
14A.N. OtherTCENTNT  
15A.N. OtherTCENTNT Won by 88 secs
21A.N. OtherUCD 'A'NTNT  
22A.N. OtherUCD 'A'NTNT  
23A.N. OtherUCD 'A'NTNT  
24A.N. OtherUCD 'A'NTNT  
25A.N. OtherUCD 'A'NTNT  
31A.N. OtherTCD 'A'NTNT  
32A.N. OtherTCD 'A'NTNT  
33A.N. OtherTCD 'A'NTNT  
34A.N. OtherTCD 'A'NTNT  
35A.N. OtherTCD 'A'NTNT