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National University of Ireland Maynooth

Long NameNational University of Ireland Maynooth
Short NameNUIM
AddressMaynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
College Urlhttp://www.may.ie
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Related Colleges: Maynooth University / St. Patricks Maynooth

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Trophies won by National University of Ireland Maynooth
Cross CountryOverall Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  

Athletes competing per season for National University of Ireland Maynooth

Athletes competing per season for National University of Ireland Maynooth

Indoors Male Records
60mMichael McgroartyNUIM6.8011th Dec 1998
60mMichael McgroartyNUIM6.8011th Dec 1998
60mHConor McCrossanNUIM8.67 5th Feb 2011
200mRichard SchoenmannNUIM23.12 1st Feb 2013
800mCiaran McDermottNUIM2:14.26 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
1500mConor McGeeNUIM4:13.57 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
2000mWWilliam CoolahanNUIM9:18.32 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
3000mBarry MeehanNUIM9:49.8011th to 12th Dec 1998
4x200mCiaran McDermottNUIM101.14 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
4x200mPatrick ClarkeNUIM101.14 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
4x200mGary DoyleNUIM101.14 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
4x200mDavid NugentNUIM101.14 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
HJGary DoyleNUIM1.80 4th Dec 1999
T&F Male Records
100mPaul RyanNUIM12.1429th Apr 2011
110mHConor McCrossanNUIM15.8429th Apr 2011
200mPaul RyanNUIM25.4929th Apr 2011
400mEamon WallaceNUIM48.5112th to 13th Apr 2013
1500mNiall SherlockNUIM4:08.5023rd Apr 2005
3000mSCNiall SherlockNUIM10:25.3716th Apr 2004
5000mMartin FayNUIM15:05.2115th Apr 2000
10000mNiall SherlockNUIM33:25.6225th Apr 2003
4x400mDavid HickeyNUIM3:54.7726th Apr 2003
4x400mEoin MeagherNUIM3:54.7726th Apr 2003
4x400mNiall SherlockNUIM3:54.7726th Apr 2003
4x400mAlan KellyNUIM3:54.7726th Apr 2003
DTAndrew McCarthyNUIM31.0311th to 12th Apr 2014
HTCathal BarryNUIM44.1425th Apr 2009
JTPaul CarrollNUIM40.4716th Apr 2004
35lbWfDAndrew McCarthyNUIM5.8811th to 12th Apr 2014
CEJohn TierneyNUIM106219th Apr 2002
Indoors Female Records
60mSophie KennedyNUIM8.6213th Feb 2010
60mHLisa HoulihanNUIM9.92 4th Feb 2012
200mSinéad O'KaneNUIM30.5315th Feb 2009
800mHilary McGeeNUIM2:50.70 1st to 2nd Dec 2000
1500mRachael SmythNUIM4:49.59 7th Feb 2014
1500mWGeorgina TouheyNUIM7:09.32 8th Dec 2001
3000mJane CahillNUIM11:04.58 7th Dec 2001
LJSinéad O'KaneNUIM4.1813th Feb 2010
PVLisa HoulihanNUIM2.80 1st Feb 2013
SPAoife HoeyNUIM11.72 7th Dec 2002
20lbWfDAoife HoeyNUIM8.63 7th Dec 2002
T&F Female Records
100mMarie Louise McGovernNUIM13.6019th to 20th Apr 2002
100mHLisa HoulihanNUIM15.9720th Apr 2012
200mSophie KennedyNUIM28.1725th Apr 2009
400mFiona O'BrienNUIM63.1424th to 25th Apr 1998
800mHilary McGeeNUIM2:39.9215th Apr 2000
1500mRachael SmythNUIM4:52.9511th to 12th Apr 2014
5000mJane CahillNUIM19:05.7925th Apr 2003
TJAoife HoeyNUIM11.3726th Apr 2003
PVLisa HoulihanNUIM2.9021st Apr 2012
SPAoife HoeyNUIM11.3025th Apr 2003
20lbWfDAoife HoeyNUIM8.8226th Apr 2003
Most appearances for National University of Ireland Maynooth
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Niall Sherlock 9th Mar 2003 to 22nd Apr 200512
2Hilary McGee11th Dec 1998 to 20th Apr 200111
3Jane Cahill12th Nov 2000 to 28th Feb 200410
4Sophie Kennedy24th Apr 2009 to 29th Apr 20119
5Alan Kelly 9th Mar 2003 to 22nd Apr 20058
6David Beere 3rd Dec 1999 to 1st Dec 20007
7Conor McCrossan13th Feb 2010 to 29th Apr 20117
8Stephen Cleary23rd Apr 1999 to 19th Apr 20026
9David Nugent 3rd Dec 19996
10John Tierney13th Nov 1999 to 19th Apr 20026
11Lisa Houlihan 4th Feb 2012 to 11th Apr 20146
12Ultan Sherry 1st Feb to 12th Apr 20135
13Paul Ryan13th Feb 2010 to 29th Apr 20115
14Fiona O'Brien16th Dec 1995 to 13th Nov 19995
15David Hickey 9th Mar to 22nd Nov 20035
16Aoife Hoey 6th Dec 2002 to 25th Apr 20035
17Rachael Smyth 1st Feb 2013 to 11th Apr 20145
18Loughin Campion13th Mar 2010 to 29th Apr 20114
19Luke Forde13th Nov 2010 to 17th Nov 20124
20Siobhan Keane13th Nov 1999 to 12th Nov 20004
Meets hosted by National University of Ireland Maynooth
12th Nov 2011RoadNUI MaynoothView2217 
13th Nov 2010RoadNUI MaynoothView2212 
14th Nov 2009RoadNUI MaynoothView2227 
18th Nov 2006RoadNUI MaynoothView2157 
19th Nov 2005RoadNUI MaynoothView2187 
20th Nov 2004RoadNUI MaynoothView2174 
22nd Nov 2003RoadNUI MaynoothView2214 
16th Nov 2002RoadNUI MaynoothView2175 
7th Nov 2001RoadNUI MaynoothView2130 
12th Nov 2000RoadNUI MaynoothView2130 
13th Nov 1999RoadNUI MaynoothView2162 
21st Nov 1998RoadNUI MaynoothView22 
22nd Nov 1997RoadNUI MaynoothView222 
23rd Nov 1996RoadNUI MaynoothView234 
27th Nov 1993RoadNUI MaynoothView233 
28th Nov 1992RoadNUI MaynoothView26 
1st Feb 1988RoadNUI MaynoothView219Exact date unknown
7th Feb 1987RoadNUI MaynoothView23The hallowed precincts of Maynooth College were disturbed by the patter of fast feet on Saturday February 7th when the first Inter-varsity Road Relays were held there. The Relays provided a winning double for TCE. In the Womens' event - 1-2-2-1 miles - only Thomond, UCG and Maynooth fielded teams. Thomond took first and third, the "A" team's winning margin over UCG being 97 secs. UCD and TCD did not participate. The Mens' relay of 1-2-3-2-1 miles was also won by Thomond College with a winning margin of 88 secs over the UCD "A" and TCD "A" teams. Twelve mens' teams took part, including teams from the Incorporated Law Society and Rathmines College of Commerce.
6th Mar 1982Cross CountryNUI MaynoothView2112 
6th Mar 1976Cross CountryNUI MaynoothView2114