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Santry Playing Fields

NameSantry Playing Fields
DescriptionTCD's sports ground
MapMap (Map of all venues)

Map of Santry Playing Fields

Meets held at Santry Playing Fields
10th Mar 2018Cross CountryTCDView2150Parking is available at the grounds
18th Feb 2012Colours XCTCDView215 
5th Mar 2011Colours XCTCDView221 
4th Mar 2006Cross CountryTCDView2124 
18th Feb 2006Colours XCTCDView236 
5th Feb 2005Colours XCTCDView242 
24th Jan 2004Colours XCTCDView231 
15th Feb 2003Colours XCTCDView239 
16th Feb 2002Colours XCTCDView231 
24th Feb 2001Colours XCTCDView236 
5th Feb 2000Colours XCTCDView237 
14th Mar 1998Celtic XCIUAAView257 
31st Jan 1998Colours XCTCDView241 
16th Feb 1997Colours XCTCDView237 
17th Feb 1996Colours XCTCDView230 
16th Dec 1995Cross CountryTCDView2136