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AddressRavenhill Rd, Belfast, BT6 8GJ
DescriptionFormer QUB sports ground 1920 - 1967.
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Map of Cherryvale

Meets held at Cherryvale
30th Jun 1945IUAA RepresentativeQUBView1223Combined Universities (Dublin University & Queen's University Belfast) v. Northern Ireland A.A.A.
28th May 1932T&FQUBView1022 
2nd Jun 1928T&FQUBView1640The Inter-University Championships took place in brilliant sunshine. There was a large attendance. The track was described as very uneven. The home team, like UCC, failed to gain a single point. Accordingly, the "infectious enthusiasm" normally associated with the Inter-University Championships was far less noticeable. In his farewell 'varsity contest, Sean Lavin won the 440 yards for the 6th year in succession and the 220 yards for the 4th successive time. He won three events and placed 2nd in two at 1928 championships, thereby contributing 8 pts of UCD's total score of 20 pts, a record for the championships to that date. The band of the H.M.S. Caroline, the drill ship of the Ulster Division of the R.N.V.R. played selections of music during the afternoon. U.C.D. achieved their 6th successive championship title, their 8th victory since the series recommenced in 1912.
2nd Jun 1923T&FQUBView1633U.C.C. did not compete in these championships. Ground and weather conditions were described as perfect. The band of Royal Ulster Constabulary 'discoursed a choice musical programme'. Several track records were disallowed, when measurement of the 220 yards and 440 yards courses after the championships revealed that they were 10 yards and 8 yards short, respectively. The track referee was Surgeon-General Robin Hall MB, RNVR. The judges included Dr Robert J. Rowlette FTCD, Captain A.G.de L. Willis (Achilles A.C.), Denis J. Cussen (TCD athlete who was injured and unable to compete in these championships) and M.F. O'Hanlon (UCD coach).