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Queen's University Belfast

Long NameQueen's University Belfast
Short NameQUB
AddressUniversity Road, Belfast BT7 1NN, Northern Ireland.
College Urlhttps://www.qub.ac.uk/
Club Urlhttp://www.qubathletics.co.uk
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Trophies won by Queen's University Belfast
IndoorsFemale Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
IndoorsMale Team Competition  3 x  3 bronze medals  
IndoorsCombined Events Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
Cross CountryFemale Team Competition  3 x  3 bronze medals  
Cross CountryMale Team Competition11 x  11 gold medals  7 x  7 silver medals  4 x  4 bronze medals  
T&FOverall Team Competition7 x  7 gold medals  8 x  8 silver medals  6 x  6 bronze medals  
T&FFemale Team Competition3 x  3 gold medals  4 x  4 silver medals  6 x  6 bronze medals  
T&FMale Team Competition8 x  8 gold medals  12 x  12 silver medals  15 x  15 bronze medals  
T&FJumps Trophy 1 x  1 silver medals   
RoadMale Race4 x  4 gold medals  3 x  3 silver medals  4 x  4 bronze medals  

Athletes competing per season for Queen's University Belfast

Athletes competing per season for Queen's University Belfast

Indoors Male Records
60mJonathan BrowningQUB6.8012th Feb 2016
60mHAdam Hill (OYD)QUB8.55 9th Feb 2018
200mBen MazeQUB22.42 1st Feb 2013
200mBen MazeQUB22.42 1st Feb 2013
400mAndrew Mellon (OYD)QUB47.70 8th Feb 2019
800mMark CarmodyQUB1:54.1429th Jan 2022
1500mConall KirkQUB3:48.7915th Feb 2020
1500mConall KirkQUB3:48.7915th Feb 2020
2000mWConor PollockQUB9:41.76 7th Dec 2002
3000mPaul PollockQUB8:30.48 8th Dec 2007
4x200mGareth ThompsonQUB92.2112th Feb 2016
4x200mAdam HillQUB92.2112th Feb 2016
4x200mKevin CrossanQUB92.2112th Feb 2016
4x200mAndrew MellonQUB92.2112th Feb 2016
LJMichael McDonaldQUB6.6112th Feb 1993
TJMark BurtonQUB14.4615th Feb 2020
HJSimon HerronQUB1.95 8th Dec 2007
HJAdam HillQUB1.9510th Feb 2017
PVAlexander LivingstonQUB4.2012th Feb 2016
SPMark ThompsonQUB12.69 7th Dec 2002
35lbWfDRonan Bloomer (OYD)QUB7.7428th Jan 2023
CERonan Bloomer (OYD)QUB233228th Jan 2023
T&F Male Records
100yJohn KilpatrickQUB9.80 3rd May 1969
100mPhilip SnoddyQUB10.40 9th May 1987
110mHCharles J. "C.J." KirkpatrickQUB14.4030th Apr to 1st May 1976
120yHCharles J. "C.J." KirkpatrickQUB15.00 3rd May 1969
200mSimon BairdQUB21.20 3rd to 4th May 1985
220yMichael "Mike" ForrestQUB22.20 3rd May 1969
400mBen Maze (OYD)QUB47.61 7th to 8th Apr 2017
400mHPhilip BeattieQUB51.00 2nd to 3rd May 1986
440yP. MossQUB50.70 3rd May 1969
440yHI. MilliganQUB59.60 3rd May 1969
800mMark KirkQUB1:50.60 3rd to 4th May 1985
880yLyle AlexanderQUB1:57.9011th May 1968
1500mBrian TreacyQUB3:44.8024th Apr 1993
MileAlan ChiversQUB4:19.4011th May 1968
3000mSCT. CurtinQUB9:05.00 6th to 7th May 1983
3000mWConor PollockQUB15:30.7226th Apr 2003
3 MilesMalcolm EdgarQUB14:17.00 3rd May 1969
5000mPaul LawthorQUB14:09.20 5th to 6th May 1978
10000mGerry HannonQUB30:19.5011th to 12th May 1973
4x100mDavid MarrsQUB42.30 4th to 5th May 1984
4x100mS. McBrideQUB42.30 4th to 5th May 1984
4x100mPhilip BeattieQUB42.30 4th to 5th May 1984
4x100mSimon BairdQUB42.30 4th to 5th May 1984
4x110yMichael "Mike" ForrestQUB43.20 3rd May 1969
4x110yJohn KilpatrickQUB43.20 3rd May 1969
4x110yG. RussellQUB43.20 3rd May 1969
4x110yCharles J. "C.J." KirkpatrickQUB43.20 3rd May 1969
4x400mPatrick CrossanQUB3:18.40 5th May 1984
4x400mPhilip BeattieQUB3:18.40 5th May 1984
4x400mM. DoyleQUB3:18.40 5th May 1984
4x400mMark RoughanQUB3:18.40 5th May 1984
Mixed 4x400mPeter TerekQUB3:50.17 5th to 6th Apr 2024
Mixed 4x400mNiall McAffreyQUB3:50.17 5th to 6th Apr 2024
LJWilliam A. "Willie" KirkpatrickQUB7.35 3rd to 4th May 1974
TJMichael McDonaldQUB15.2723rd Apr 1993
HJSimon BoyleQUB2.00 3rd to 4th May 1985
PVJim AlexanderQUB4.00 4th to 5th May 1984
SPSteve BerginQUB15.67 5th to 6th May 1989
DTSteve BerginQUB46.30 5th to 6th May 1989
HTRobert MoffettQUB60.8510th to 11th Apr 2015
JTNigel CarlisleQUB50.3021st to 22nd Apr 1995
JToRalph MurphyQUB184′8″11th May 1968
35lbWfDRonan Bloomer (OYD)QUB8.0621st to 22nd Apr 2023
CERonan Bloomer (OYD)QUB239721st to 22nd Apr 2023
Indoors Female Records
60mLauren RoyQUB7.4829th Jan 2022
60mLauren RoyQUB7.4829th Jan 2022
60mHLaura FreyQUB9.98 5th Feb 2011
200mClaire O'ConnorQUB25.7410th Feb 1995
400mRachel McCannQUB54.4510th Feb 2024
800mClaudia JalonQUB2:17.1210th Feb 2017
1500mHeather McLarnon (OYD)QUB4:59.1914th Feb 2009
1500mWKatie DohertyQUB10:54.64 1st to 2nd Dec 2000
3000mEmma MitchellQUB9:15.86 9th Feb 2018
4x200mCara HenningQUB106.9710th Feb 2024
4x200mCara HenningQUB106.9710th Feb 2024
4x200mOrlagh LeerQUB106.9710th Feb 2024
4x200mOrlagh LeerQUB106.9710th Feb 2024
4x200mGemma ThompsonQUB106.9710th Feb 2024
4x200mGemma ThompsonQUB106.9710th Feb 2024
4x200mRachel McCannQUB106.9710th Feb 2024
4x200mRachel McCannQUB106.9710th Feb 2024
LJLydia MillsQUB5.5615th Feb 2020
TJLydia MillsQUB11.2215th Feb 2020
HJDonna LennonQUB1.50 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
PVNicola McCaugheyQUB1.75 4th Dec 2004
SPCaoimhe Vallely-GilroyQUB9.0811th Dec 2005
20lbWfDGrainne ReidQUB6.57 9th Dec 2007
CELaura FreyQUB2842 5th Feb 2011
T&F Female Records
80mHD. SteeleQUB16.4011th May 1968
100yLinda TeskeyQUB11.30 3rd May 1969
100mLinda McCurryQUB11.7030th Apr to 1st May 1976
100mHCathy ScottQUB14.80 8th to 9th May 1987
200mFiona TinmanQUB24.2927th to 28th Apr 1990
200mHF. DonnanQUB35.60 2nd to 3rd May 1975
220yLinda TeskeyQUB26.80 3rd May 1969
400mRachel McCannQUB54.01 5th to 6th Apr 2024
400mHLouise Van EeckeQUB64.9910th to 11th Apr 2015
440yLinda TeskeyQUB64.20 3rd May 1969
800mClaire HillQUB2:14.3519th to 20th Apr 1996
880yD. SteeleQUB2:39.00 3rd May 1969
1500mCatherine O'NeillQUB4:41.6824th to 25th Apr 1998
1500mWLaura McCannQUB11:27.2019th to 20th Apr 2002
MileM. MartinQUB6:19.10 3rd May 1969
3000mRachel GibsonQUB10:23.6712th to 13th Apr 2013
3000mSCLynn MurphyQUB14:28.0422nd Apr 2006
5000mHannah GilliandQUB17:11.80 5th to 6th Apr 2024
4x100mVivienne McGoldrickQUB49.50 8th to 9th May 1987
4x100mCathy ScottQUB49.50 8th to 9th May 1987
4x100mFiona TinmanQUB49.50 8th to 9th May 1987
4x100mS. ReillyQUB49.50 8th to 9th May 1987
4x100yA.N. OtherQUB61.8011th May 1968
4x100yA.N. OtherQUB61.8011th May 1968
4x100yA.N. OtherQUB61.8011th May 1968
4x100yA.N. OtherQUB61.8011th May 1968
4x110yLinda TeskeyQUB53.10 3rd May 1969
4x110yE. CooperQUB53.10 3rd May 1969
4x110yD. SteeleQUB53.10 3rd May 1969
4x110yGay PorterQUB53.10 3rd May 1969
4x400mA.N. OtherQUB4:00.30 9th May 1987
4x400mA.N. OtherQUB4:00.30 9th May 1987
4x400mA.N. OtherQUB4:00.30 9th May 1987
4x400mA.N. OtherQUB4:00.30 9th May 1987
Mixed 4x400mEmma GuionQUB3:50.17 5th to 6th Apr 2024
Mixed 4x400mOrlagh LeerQUB3:50.17 5th to 6th Apr 2024
LJCathy ScottQUB5.92 9th May 1987
TJLydia MillsQUB11.5913th to 14th Apr 2018
HJCathy ScottQUB1.86 8th May 1987
SPGay PorterQUB42′11½″ 3rd May 1969
DTKathy HetheringtonQUB42.4410th to 11th Apr 2015
HTCaoimhe Vallely-GilroyQUB33.5414th Apr 2007
JTKatrina CampbellQUB42.7819th to 20th Apr 1996
JToKatrina CampbellQUB41.8025th to 26th Apr 1997
20lbWfDCaoimhe Vallely-GilroyQUB7.6814th Apr 2007
CEClaire DoughertyQUB2784 7th to 8th Apr 2017
Most appearances for Queen's University Belfast
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Paul Lynas 9th Feb 1996 to 21st Apr 200668
2Donna Lennon12th Dec 1997 to 25th Apr 200350
3Liam O'Donnell12th Nov 2000 to 29th Apr 201137
4Simon Murray20th Apr 2001 to 29th Apr 201134
5Paul Wilson12th Nov 2000 to 26th Feb 200532
6Gavin McBride12th Nov 2000 to 16th Apr 200432
7John Saulters22nd Nov 2003 to 13th Mar 201031
8Claire O'Connor10th Feb 1995 to 14th Apr 200031
9Andrew Dunwoody 4th Mar 1995 to 19th Apr 200231
10Gareth Thompson12th Feb 2016 to 5th Apr 201930
11Noel Pollock13th Dec 1996 to 25th Apr 200329
12Laura McCann 7th Dec 2001 to 21st Apr 200629
13Jonathan Browning 1st Feb 2013 to 10th Feb 201728
14Adam Hill 7th Feb 2014 to 13th Apr 201824
15Ronan Bloomer 8th Feb 2019 to 21st Apr 202324
16Charles J. "C.J." Kirkpatrick 3rd May 1969 to 6th May 197722
17Ben Maze20th Apr 2012 to 7th Apr 201722
18Neil Johnson 9th Mar 2013 to 13th Apr 201822
19Grainne Reid22nd Apr 2005 to 18th Apr 200821
20Janet Atkinson 3rd May 1974 to 5th May 197821
Meets hosted by Queen's University Belfast
9th Mar 2024Cross CountryQueens University BelfastView2192 
13th to 14th Apr 2018T&FMary PetersView78381Onsite parking is available, however please ensure coaches use top car park.
29th to 30th Apr 2011T&FAntrim ForumView73291 
26th Feb 2005Cross CountryMalone RoadView2124 
23rd to 24th Apr 1999T&FMary PetersView73256The Pre-Millenium Games
23rd Apr 1999MultieventsMary PetersView28 
4th Mar 1995Cross CountryBarnett ParkView291 
3rd Mar 1990Cross CountryLady Dixon Park, BelfastView2116 
5th to 6th May 1989T&FMary PetersView61178 
8th to 9th May 1987T&FAntrim ForumView3159 
6th to 7th May 1983T&FMary PetersView55156 
1st Mar 1980Cross CountryBelfastView2103 
5th to 6th May 1978T&FMary PetersView34112 
11th to 12th May 1973T&FShaw's BridgeView3193 
4th Mar 1972Cross CountryLady Dixon Park, BelfastView291 
3rd May 1969T&FMalone RoadView2890 
30th Jun 1945IUAA RepresentativeCherryvaleView1223Combined Universities (Dublin University & Queen's University Belfast) v. Northern Ireland A.A.A.
28th May 1932T&FCherryvaleView1022 
2nd Jun 1928T&FCherryvaleView1640The Inter-University Championships took place in brilliant sunshine. There was a large attendance. The track was described as very uneven. The home team, like UCC, failed to gain a single point. Accordingly, the "infectious enthusiasm" normally associated with the Inter-University Championships was far less noticeable. In his farewell 'varsity contest, Sean Lavin won the 440 yards for the 6th year in succession and the 220 yards for the 4th successive time. He won three events and placed 2nd in two at 1928 championships, thereby contributing 8 pts of UCD's total score of 20 pts, a record for the championships to that date. The band of the H.M.S. Caroline, the drill ship of the Ulster Division of the R.N.V.R. played selections of music during the afternoon. U.C.D. achieved their 6th successive championship title, their 8th victory since the series recommenced in 1912.
2nd Jun 1923T&FCherryvaleView1633U.C.C. did not compete in these championships. Ground and weather conditions were described as perfect. The band of Royal Ulster Constabulary 'discoursed a choice musical programme'. Several track records were disallowed, when measurement of the 220 yards and 440 yards courses after the championships revealed that they were 10 yards and 8 yards short, respectively. The track referee was Surgeon-General Robin Hall MB, RNVR. The judges included Dr Robert J. Rowlette FTCD, Captain A.G.de L. Willis (Achilles A.C.), Denis J. Cussen (TCD athlete who was injured and unable to compete in these championships) and M.F. O'Hanlon (UCD coach).
6th Jun 1914T&FUlster Cricket Club GroundsView1642For the third year in a row University College Galway did not send a team to the inter-university championships, despite the fact that the College had held its own sports day on 14 May, 1914 in College Park, Galway. In addition to the Varsity Championships, there were four events confined to Belfast schoolboys - 100 yards, high jump, 440 yards and long jump. Very good performances were witnessed by an attendance which was described as 'of very meagre proportions', with a couple of hundred ladies and as many men in the enclosure. Although the meeting concluded over an hour behind schedule, it was successfully and professionally conducted. During their stay in Belfast the visiting teams were the guests of Queen's University and were entertained to dinner after the contest. The following day they were motored to Newcastle and Rostrevor on Carlingford Lough for a day's relaxation. Trinity College Dublin won the Intervarsity Championship and the Ladies Cup for the first time, with four wins and 6 second places.
16th May 1874T&FBelfastView137