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St. Patricks Maynooth

Long NameSt. Patricks Maynooth
Short NameSPM
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Related Colleges: Maynooth University / National University of Ireland Maynooth

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Trophies won by St. Patricks Maynooth
Cross CountryMale Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  

Athletes competing per season for St. Patricks Maynooth

Athletes competing per season for St. Patricks Maynooth

Indoors Male Records
60mHEnda O'ConnellSPM8.4331st Jan 1992
200mDenis RyanSPM29.0213th Dec 1996
800mConor McGeeSPM2:01.3621st Jan 1994
1500mDaniel CafferySPM4:16.4221st Jan 1994
3000mWill ClarkeSPM8:59.9621st Jan 1994
HJEnda O'ConnellSPM1.8812th Feb 1993
SPT AhearneSPM10.2412th Feb 1993
T&F Male Records
100mF. ReidySPM11.50 2nd to 3rd May 1980
110mHEnda O'ConnellSPM15.5123rd to 24th Apr 1993
200mF. ReidySPM23.40 2nd to 3rd May 1980
400m?. O'ConnorSPM59.60 9th May 1970
1500mC. McGovernSPM4:11.80 3rd to 4th May 1974
3000mSCD.J. RyanSPM10:12.40 7th May 1977
5000mRobert "Bobby" BuckleySPM15:30.10 9th May 1970
10000mJ. DonnellySPM33:31.00 6th to 7th May 1983
4x100mA.N. OtherSPM47.80 9th May 1970
4x100mA.N. OtherSPM47.80 9th May 1970
4x100mA.N. OtherSPM47.80 9th May 1970
4x100mA.N. OtherSPM47.80 9th May 1970
LJF. McGarrickSPM5.7411th to 12th May 1973
TJG. McLaughlinSPM12.22 7th May 1977
HJEnda O'ConnellSPM2.0024th to 25th Apr 1992
PVEnda O'ConnellSPM3.8023rd to 24th Apr 1993
SPJ. HarteSPM12.83 7th May 1977
DTTom AherneSPM40.6619th to 20th Apr 1996
HTTom McCormackSPM43.44 2nd to 3rd May 1980
35lbWfDTom AherneSPM6.4519th to 20th Apr 1996
Indoors Female Records
60mMaria BranaganSPM8.5221st Jan 1994
60mMaria BranaganSPM8.5221st Jan 1994
200mMaria BranaganSPM28.4021st Jan 1994
800mFiona O'BrienSPM2:24.50 9th Feb 1996
1500mNorah DalySPM5:30.3821st Jan 1994
4x200mA.N. OtherSPM120.5012th Feb 1993
4x200mA.N. OtherSPM120.5012th Feb 1993
4x200mA.N. OtherSPM120.5012th Feb 1993
4x200mA.N. OtherSPM120.5012th Feb 1993
LJRoisin O'RourkeSPM4.3721st Jan 1994
HJElaine BallSPM1.6012th Feb 1993
SPHilary McGeeSPM10.15 9th to 10th Feb 1996
T&F Female Records
100mM. ShireSPM13.6629th to 30th Apr 1988
200mMaria BranaganSPM26.7022nd to 23rd Apr 1994
400mFiona O'BrienSPM61.3919th to 20th Apr 1996
800mFiona O'BrienSPM2:24.0825th to 26th Apr 1997
1500mNorah DalySPM5:26.9022nd to 23rd Apr 1994
1500mWNoleen LeddySPM7:24.6222nd to 23rd Apr 1994
HJAnn LeeSPM4′0″ 5th to 6th May 1972
SPHilary McGeeSPM9.4319th to 20th Apr 1996
JTRoisin O'RourkeSPM18.6422nd to 23rd Apr 1994
Most appearances for St. Patricks Maynooth
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Enda O'Connell31st Jan 1992 to 10th Feb 199516
2D.J. Ryan 4th Mar 1972 to 6th May 197710
3Maria Branagan27th Apr 1990 to 22nd Apr 19949
4Fiona O'Brien10th Feb 1995 to 25th Apr 19976
5J. Harte30th Apr 1976 to 6th May 19776
6Tom Aherne22nd Apr 1994 to 19th Apr 19966
7K. McAteer14th Mar 1970 to 8th Mar 19755
8J. Walsh 6th Mar 1982 to 8th Mar 19865
9Roisin O'Rourke21st Jan to 22nd Apr 19944
10T. Furlong20th Feb 1971 to 6th Mar 19764
11Edward "Ned" Hassett 5th Mar 1988 to 2nd Mar 19914
12Margaret O'Keeffe 8th Mar 1986 to 4th Mar 19894
13J. Donnelly 6th Mar 1982 to 8th Mar 19864
14P. Lynch14th Mar 1970 to 10th Mar 19734
15P. Kearney14th Mar 1970 to 20th Feb 19713
16Mary Gallagher 1st Mar 1980 to 6th Mar 19823
17P. Atkinson17th Mar 1979 to 6th Mar 19823
18E. Murphy 8th Mar 1975 to 12th Mar 19773
19A. Ryan12th Mar 1977 to 17th Mar 19793
20Daniel Caffery27th Nov 1993 to 22nd Apr 19943