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Phoenix Park

NamePhoenix Park
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Map of Phoenix Park

Meets held at Phoenix Park
18th Feb 2017Colours XCTCDView229 
21st Feb 2015Colours XCTCDView222 
22nd Feb 2014Colours XCTCDView223 
11th Mar 2000Celtic XCIUAAView249 
28th Feb 1998Cross CountryDITView2142 
4th Dec 1993Colours XCUCDView243 
4th Dec 1982Colours XCTCDView123 
4th Dec 1976Colours XCTCDView218 
8th Mar 1975Cross CountryTCDView299 
6th Dec 1974Colours XCTCDView113 
9th Dec 1972Colours XCTCDView17 
12th Dec 1970Colours XCTCDView122 
30th Nov 1968Colours XCTCDView125 
18th Feb 1967Cross CountryTCDView210 
26th Nov 1966Colours XCTCDView17 
19th Nov 1966Colours XCTCDView17TCD v UCC
11th Dec 1965Colours XCTCDView17TCD v UCG
20th Nov 1965Colours XCTCDView18 
21st Nov 1964Colours XCTCDView110 
16th Feb 1963Colours XCTCDView111Because Trinity was hosting the IUAA Championships at Islandbridge-Phoenix Park in February 1963, it was agreed between DUHAC and UCD AC that the results of the Varsity event (with other Colleges removed, i.e., UCC anmd UCG) would be used to determine the outcome of the Colours Match.
16th Feb 1963Cross CountryTCDView110The first full intervarsity between all colleges in the Republic - TCD v UCD v UCC v UCG.