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Peter Gerard "Peadar" McGing (#9573)

Table of Contents:
Colleges Represented
UCC9 3rd May 1974 to 7th May 1977
TCD8 5th May 1978 to 13th May 1981
Records Set
ChampionshipRace TypeCollegeCount
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
PV2.871 1 bronze medals
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
13th May 1981Colours T&FBelfieldSP TCDNRBronze MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
2nd to 3rd May 1980T&FMardykePV TCD2.87Bronze MedalTeam Bronze Medal View 
2nd to 3rd May 1980T&FMardykeHT TCD39.365Team Bronze Medal View 
17th May 1978Colours T&FBelfieldTJ TCDNRBronze MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
17th May 1978Colours T&FBelfieldHJ TCDNRSilver MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
5th to 6th May 1978T&FMary PetersTJ TCD12.036Team Bronze Medal View 
5th to 6th May 1978T&FMary PetersHJ TCD1.654Team Bronze Medal View 
5th to 6th May 1978T&FMary PetersHT TCD32.965Team Bronze Medal View 
6th May 1977T&FSantry & College ParkSP (Qual) UCCNR 5 View 
7th May 1977T&FSantry & College ParkSP UCC11.1565 View 
6th May 1977T&FSantry & College ParkDT (Qual) UCCNR 5 View 
7th May 1977T&FSantry & College ParkDT UCC36.2045 View 
7th May 1977T&FSantry & College ParkHT UCC32.2655 View 
30th Apr to 1st May 1976T&FPlassey110mH UCCNT56 View 
30th Apr to 1st May 1976T&FPlasseyHT UCC35.1446 ViewUCC
2nd to 3rd May 1975T&FMardykeHT UCC31.245Team Bronze Medal ViewUCC
3rd to 4th May 1974T&FBelfieldHT UCC77′10″66 View