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AddressSantry, Dublin, Ireland
MapMap (Map of all venues)

Map of Santry

Meets held at Santry
15th to 16th Apr 2016T&FDCUView71381 
18th Feb 2012Colours XCTCDView215 
5th Mar 2011Colours XCTCDView221 
23rd to 24th Apr 2010T&FTCDView70325 
13th to 14th Apr 2007T&FDCUView67282 
20th to 21st Apr 2001T&FTCDView62236iv2001
20th Apr 2001MultieventsTCDView24iv2001
25th to 26th Apr 1997T&FDCUView43116 
29th to 30th Apr 1988T&FNIHEDView37165 
2nd to 3rd May 1986T&FTCDView3571 
10th Mar 1984IUAA XCTCDView28 
30th Apr to 1st May 1982T&FTCDView3469 
6th Dec 1980Colours XCTCDView211 
6th to 7th May 1977T&FTCDView49135 
5th to 6th May 1972T&FTCDView33100 
27th May 1967IUAA RepresentativeUnknownView1539BLE v Combined Universities v Army
23rd Jun 1965IUAA RepresentativeUnknownView1537AAUE v Combined Universities
30th May 1964IUAA RepresentativeUnknownView1549AAUE v Combined Universities