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Cork Institute of Technology

Long NameCork Institute of Technology
Short NameCIT
AddressRossa Avenue, Bishopstown, Co. Cork, Ireland.
College Urlhttp://www.cit.ie
Club Url 
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Related Colleges: Cork Regional Technical College

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Trophies won by Cork Institute of Technology
IndoorsCombined Events Team Competition  1 x  1 bronze medals  
Cross CountryMale Team Competition 1 x  1 silver medals   
T&FCombined Events Team Competition2 x  2 gold medals  2 x  2 silver medals  2 x  2 bronze medals  
T&FThrows Trophy 1 x  1 silver medals   

Athletes competing per season for Cork Institute of Technology

Athletes competing per season for Cork Institute of Technology

Indoors Male Records
60mRaymond WalshCIT6.92 6th Feb 2015
60mHSean O'SullivanCIT9.21 6th Dec 2002
200mColin DoyleCIT21.3629th Jan 2022
400mCathal OwensCIT49.74 1st Feb 2013
800mTony LilleyCIT1:59.85 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
1500mMark HanrahanCIT3:52.80 5th Feb 2011
2000mWDavid KennyCIT7:25.9915th Feb 2020
3000mMark O'SullivanCIT8:50.26 6th Feb 2015
3000mMark O'SullivanCIT8:50.26 6th Feb 2015
4x200mColin DoyleCIT92.6429th Jan 2022
4x200mColin DoyleCIT92.6429th Jan 2022
4x200mCiaran Dee (OYD)CIT92.6429th Jan 2022
4x200mCiaran Dee (OYD)CIT92.6429th Jan 2022
4x200mCathal RyanCIT92.6429th Jan 2022
4x200mCathal RyanCIT92.6429th Jan 2022
4x200mBilly RyanCIT92.6429th Jan 2022
4x200mBilly RyanCIT92.6429th Jan 2022
LJTimothy HarringtonCIT6.86 5th Feb 2011
TJPromice O'KaforCIT13.2512th Feb 2016
HJBen DonovanCIT1.9015th Feb 2020
PVThomas Houlihan (OYD)CIT4.7110th Feb 2017
SPRyan DugganCIT12.7229th Jan 2022
35lbWfDPaul HazlerCIT7.9113th Feb 2010
CEJoe BarryCIT249913th Feb 2010
T&F Male Records
100mPaddy O'GormanCIT10.7022nd Apr 2005
110mHChristopher CrowleyCIT16.5021st Apr 2006
200mCarl MacNamaraCIT22.1319th Apr 2008
400mPaddy O'GormanCIT49.2916th Apr 2004
400mHDaniel O MahonyCIT56.66 7th to 8th Apr 2017
800mTony LilleyCIT1:54.4821st Apr 2001
1500mJason FahyCIT3:59.5914th Apr 2007
3000mSCMark O'SullivanCIT10:18.2311th to 12th Apr 2014
3000mWDavid KennyCIT11:26.11 8th to 9th Apr 2022
5000mJames GruffertyCIT15:08.8812th to 13th Apr 2013
10000mJames McGeeCIT31:57.3920th Apr 2001
4x100mPaul StackCIT44.7812th to 13th Apr 2013
4x100mRobert BennettCIT44.7812th to 13th Apr 2013
4x100mKaodichinma OgbeneCIT44.7812th to 13th Apr 2013
4x100mAlan MurnaneCIT44.7812th to 13th Apr 2013
4x400mJason FahyCIT3:24.2714th Apr 2007
4x400mCarl MacNamaraCIT3:24.2714th Apr 2007
4x400mLiam O'Brien (OYD)CIT3:24.2714th Apr 2007
4x400mIan TivyCIT3:24.2714th Apr 2007
LJAdam TurnerCIT6.97 8th to 9th Apr 2022
TJPromice O'KaforCIT13.2216th Apr 2016
HJChristopher CrowleyCIT1.9921st Apr 2006
PVThomas HoulihanCIT4.6010th to 11th Apr 2015
SPRyan DugganCIT12.26 8th to 9th Apr 2022
DTPaul HazlerCIT43.4125th Apr 2009
HTPaul HazlerCIT52.1125th Apr 2009
JTTom ConroyCIT51.2821st Apr 2001
35lbWfDEoin MurphyCIT8.3221st Apr 2012
CEChristopher CrowleyCIT319221st Apr 2006
Indoors Female Records
60mElaine HigginsCIT8.23 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
60mHKatie WalshCIT9.97 8th Feb 2019
200mJessica StrainCIT28.2129th Jan 2022
400mJessica NevilleCIT58.63 6th Feb 2015
800mAndrea BickerdikeCIT2:17.5012th Feb 2016
1500mAndrea BickerdikeCIT4:42.3910th Feb 2017
3000mLucy HolmesCIT10:33.4129th Jan 2022
4x200mJessica NevilleCIT110.10 6th Feb 2015
4x200mRachael O'SheaCIT110.10 6th Feb 2015
4x200mSinead O'ConnorCIT110.10 6th Feb 2015
4x200mDenise ByrneCIT110.10 6th Feb 2015
LJSinead O'ConnorCIT5.17 4th Feb 2012
TJSinead O'ConnorCIT11.08 7th Feb 2014
HJAoife O SullivanCIT1.7529th Jan 2022
PVClodagh WalshCIT3.60 8th Feb 2019
SPAideen HallahanCIT10.27 6th Feb 2015
20lbWfDDiane CashmanCIT6.15 7th Dec 2002
CEKatie WalshCIT3049 8th Feb 2019
T&F Female Records
100mElaine HigginsCIT13.1914th Apr 2000
100mHSinead O'ConnorCIT19.2212th to 13th Apr 2013
200mAvril KellyCIT27.6820th Apr 2001
400mJessica NevilleCIT59.5510th to 11th Apr 2015
400mHJessica NevilleCIT63.37 7th to 8th Apr 2017
800mRachael O'SheaCIT2:17.0511th to 12th Apr 2014
1500mAndrea BickerdikeCIT4:41.91 7th to 8th Apr 2017
1500mWKathleen MadiganCIT9:02.2525th Apr 2009
3000mAndrea BickerdikeCIT10:29.08 7th to 8th Apr 2017
3000mSCNoreen Mackey (OYD)CIT13:57.1221st Apr 2012
5000mNoreen Mackey (OYD)CIT19:14.11 5th to 6th Apr 2019
4x100mJayne PennefatherCIT52.8016th Apr 2016
4x100mSinead O'Connor (OYD)CIT52.8016th Apr 2016
4x100mRachael O'SheaCIT52.8016th Apr 2016
4x100mJessica NevilleCIT52.8016th Apr 2016
4x400mJessica NevilleCIT4:03.7016th Apr 2016
4x400mRachael O'SheaCIT4:03.7016th Apr 2016
4x400mJayne PennefatherCIT4:03.7016th Apr 2016
4x400mAndrea BickerdikeCIT4:03.7016th Apr 2016
LJSinead O'ConnorCIT5.2010th to 11th Apr 2015
TJSinead O'ConnorCIT10.6321st Apr 2012
HJAoife O SullivanCIT1.70 8th to 9th Apr 2022
PVClodagh WalshCIT3.50 5th to 6th Apr 2019
SPNiamh O'RiordanCIT10.1020th Apr 2001
DTDiane CashmanCIT31.4919th to 20th Apr 2002
HTEileen KellyCIT31.8623rd to 24th Apr 1999
JTDenise ByrneCIT38.8210th to 11th Apr 2015
20lbWfDBarbara McAllisterCIT5.8819th Apr 2008
CESinead O'ConnorCIT196912th to 13th Apr 2013
Most appearances for Cork Institute of Technology
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Craig Harrington14th Nov 2009 to 17th Nov 201838
2Liam O'Brien 6th Feb 2004 to 23rd Apr 201036
3Kaodichinma Ogbene 1st Feb 2013 to 15th Apr 201636
4Sinead O'Connor 4th Feb 2012 to 15th Apr 201635
5Robert Bennett20th Apr 2012 to 15th Apr 201634
6Paddy O'Gorman 3rd Dec 1999 to 22nd Apr 200534
7Carl MacNamara22nd Apr 2005 to 24th Apr 200932
8Billy Ryan 9th Feb 2018 to 8th Apr 202229
9Stephen Holland 7th Mar 2015 to 7th Mar 202027
10Rachael O'Shea 1st Feb 2013 to 7th Apr 201726
11Cathal Owens13th Feb 2010 to 12th Apr 201326
12Danny Allen 5th Feb 2011 to 11th Apr 201425
13Thomas Houlihan29th Apr 2011 to 7th Apr 201725
14John Collins15th Nov 2008 to 12th Feb 201625
15Sean O'Sullivan 6th Dec 2002 to 16th Apr 200424
16Martin O'Sullivan12th Nov 2011 to 11th Apr 201422
17Katie Walsh17th Nov 2018 to 8th Apr 202222
18Aidan Cremin23rd Nov 2013 to 5th Apr 201922
19Patricia Lange14th Nov 2009 to 12th Apr 201322
20Tony Lilley 6th Mar 1999 to 19th Apr 200222
Meets hosted by Cork Institute of Technology
7th to 8th Apr 2017T&FCorkView83387 
8th Mar 2014Cross CountryCorkView2178 
13th Mar 2010Cross CountryCorkView2182Held in conjunction with the ISAA Championships
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstownView67280 
19th Apr 2002MultieventsBishopstownView27 
26th Feb 2000Cross CountryCarraig Na bhFearView2146