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George Eyres (#2811)

Table of Contents:
Colleges Represented
IUAA323rd Jun 1998
TCD1425th Apr 1997 to 17th Apr 2004
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
HT53.648 5 gold medals 5 gold medals 5 gold medals 5 gold medals 5 gold medals 2 silver medals 2 silver medals 1 bronze medals
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
17th Apr 2004T&FMardyke & BishopstownHT206TCD48.93Gold Medal6 View 
17th Apr 2004T&FMardyke & Bishopstown35lbWfD206TCD6.8786 View 
26th Apr 2003T&FDangan & Tullamore TrackHT311TCD52.25Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
26th Apr 2003T&FDangan & Tullamore Track35lbWfD311TCD6.934Team Gold Medal View 
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstownHT345TCD48.30Gold MedalTeam Silver MedalMismatchView 
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstown35lbWfD345TCD6.425Team Silver Medal View 
21st Apr 2001T&FSantry & BelfieldHT016TCD49.12Silver MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
15th Apr 2000T&FPlasseyDT182TCD30.386Team Silver Medal View 
15th Apr 2000T&FPlasseyHT182TCD48.18Bronze MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
14th Apr 2000T&FPlassey35lbWfD187TCD6.627Team Silver Medal View 
23rd Jun 1998Celtic T&FAntrim ForumSP IUAA10.245Team Silver Medal View 
23rd Jun 1998Celtic T&FAntrim ForumDT IUAA29.085Team Silver Medal View 
23rd Jun 1998Celtic T&FAntrim ForumHT IUAA52.38Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
24th to 25th Apr 1998T&FBelfieldDT210TCD31.0164 View 
24th to 25th Apr 1998T&FBelfieldHT210TCD53.64Gold Medal4 View 
24th to 25th Apr 1998T&FBelfield35lbWfD210TCD7.3974 View 
25th Apr 1997T&FSantryHT TCD49.18Silver Medal6 View