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University of Limerick

Long NameUniversity of Limerick
Short NameUL
AddressLimerick, Ireland.
College Urlhttp://www.ul.ie
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Trophies won by University of Limerick
IndoorsFemale Team Competition11 x  11 gold medals  10 x  10 silver medals  3 x  3 bronze medals  
IndoorsMale Team Competition10 x  10 gold medals  14 x  14 silver medals  1 x  1 bronze medals  
IndoorsCombined Events Team Competition3 x  3 gold medals  3 x  3 silver medals   
Cross CountryFemale Team Competition2 x  2 gold medals  5 x  5 silver medals  3 x  3 bronze medals  
Cross CountryMale Team Competition1 x  1 gold medals  1 x  1 silver medals   
T&FOverall Team Competition10 x  10 gold medals  15 x  15 silver medals  2 x  2 bronze medals  
T&FFemale Team Competition11 x  11 gold medals  11 x  11 silver medals  2 x  2 bronze medals  
T&FMale Team Competition8 x  8 gold medals  16 x  16 silver medals  5 x  5 bronze medals  
T&FCombined Events Team Competition3 x  3 gold medals  2 x  2 silver medals   
T&FJumps Trophy 2 x  2 silver medals  3 x  3 bronze medals  
T&FThrows Trophy2 x  2 gold medals  3 x  3 silver medals  2 x  2 bronze medals  
T&FSprints Trophy1 x  1 gold medals  8 x  8 silver medals  2 x  2 bronze medals  
T&FMiddle Distance Trophy 4 x  4 silver medals  3 x  3 bronze medals  
MultieventsCombined Events Team Competition8 x  8 gold medals  1 x  1 silver medals   

Athletes competing per season for University of Limerick

Athletes competing per season for University of Limerick

Indoors Male Records
60mGary RyanUL6.5011th Dec 1998
60mHAaron McKennaUL8.3421st Jan 1994
60mHBrendan BourkeUL8.34 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
60mHAlan DelaneyUL8.34 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
200mEanna MaddenUL21.4610th Feb 2017
400mThomas Barr (OYD)UL46.8710th Feb 2017
800mJames Ledingham (OYD)UL1:53.48 1st Feb 2013
1500mJames Ledingham (OYD)UL3:56.9012th Feb 2016
1500mJames Ledingham (OYD)UL3:56.9012th Feb 2016
2000mWCian McManamonUL7:35.17 1st Feb 2013
3000mLiam RealeUL8:21.60 5th Feb 2011
12,4,8,16Arthur FitzgeraldUL11:20.8514th Feb 2009
12,4,8,16David SommervilleUL11:20.8514th Feb 2009
12,4,8,16Colin ButlerUL11:20.8514th Feb 2009
12,4,8,16James LedinghamUL11:20.8514th Feb 2009
4x200mEanna MaddenUL86.9412th Feb 2016
4x200mPaul ByrneUL86.9412th Feb 2016
4x200mKieran ElliotUL86.9412th Feb 2016
4x200mThomas BarrUL86.9412th Feb 2016
LJDavid QuilliganUL7.18 7th Feb 2014
TJDenis FinneganUL14.81 4th Feb 2012
HJAlan DelaneyUL2.00 4th Dec 1999
PVLiam HoulihanUL4.30 3rd Dec 2006
SPSimon GaffneyUL13.1410th Feb 1995
16kgWfDSeamus McMahonUL8.70 9th Feb 2018
35lbWfDJames NagleUL9.9713th Feb 2010
CEPhilip KearneyUL3371 9th Dec 2007
T&F Male Records
100mGary RyanUL10.3026th Apr 1997
110mHBrendan BourkeUL14.7914th Apr 2000
200mGary RyanUL21.2426th Apr 1997
400mTomas ComanUL47.6626th Apr 2003
400mHThomas BarrUL50.4410th to 11th Apr 2015
800mDanny O'BrienUL1:52.40 3rd to 4th May 1991
1500mRory Chesser (OYD)UL3:53.8325th Apr 2009
3000mSCRory Chesser (OYD)UL9:08.4024th Apr 2009
3000mWColin Griffin (OYD)UL11:47.5122nd Apr 2006
5000mRory ChesserUL14:48.8419th Apr 2008
10000mLiam Feeley (OYD)UL31:55.4212th to 13th Apr 2013
4x100mBrian CullinaneUL41.9024th to 25th Apr 1998
4x100mGary RyanUL41.9024th to 25th Apr 1998
4x100mTom ComynsUL41.9024th to 25th Apr 1998
4x100mKieran MurphyUL41.9024th to 25th Apr 1998
4x100mAlan WhelanUL41.9024th Apr 2010
4x100mDavid McCarthy (OYD)UL41.9024th Apr 2010
4x100mDavid O'SheaUL41.9024th Apr 2010
4x100mDarragh GrahamUL41.9024th Apr 2010
4x400mPaul WhiteUL3:17.16 7th to 8th Apr 2017
4x400mThomas Barr (OYD)UL3:17.16 7th to 8th Apr 2017
4x400mMichael CullenUL3:17.16 7th to 8th Apr 2017
4x400mPaul ByrneUL3:17.16 7th to 8th Apr 2017
LJShane HowardUL7.31 7th to 8th Apr 2017
TJDenis FinneganUL14.2821st Apr 2012
HJAntoine BurkeUL2.0524th to 25th Apr 1998
PVSimon ZieglarUL4.4016th Apr 2016
PVYuri KanashUL4.4013th to 14th Apr 2018
SPSimon GaffneyUL12.8326th Apr 1997
DTSimon GaffneyUL41.6723rd to 24th Apr 1999
HTKillian BarryUL59.83 7th to 8th Apr 2017
JTS. O'SheaUL51.35 3rd to 4th May 1991
16kgWfDSeamus McMahon (OYD)UL8.48 5th to 6th Apr 2019
35lbWfDJames NagleUL9.6024th Apr 2010
CEBrendan BourkeUL336414th Apr 2000
Indoors Female Records
60mLena BarryUL7.4011th Dec 1998
60mHMarie O'MearaUL8.7012th Feb 1993
200mNiamh Whelan (OYD)UL24.20 9th Feb 2018
400mJenna BromellUL54.6612th Feb 2016
800mMichelle FinnUL2:13.7012th Feb 2016
1500mAmy O'DonoghueUL4:27.0810th Feb 2017
1500mWMaeve CurleyUL6:36.21 6th Feb 2015
3000mRosemary RyanUL9:21.40 3rd Dec 1999
12,4,8,16Fiona KehoeUL12:50.8214th Feb 2009
12,4,8,16Maria SheehanUL12:50.8214th Feb 2009
12,4,8,16Carol FinnUL12:50.8214th Feb 2009
12,4,8,16Michelle FinnUL12:50.8214th Feb 2009
4x200mNiamh WhelanUL101.7310th Feb 2017
4x200mNiamh WhelanUL101.7310th Feb 2017
4x200mJenna BromellUL101.7310th Feb 2017
4x200mJenna BromellUL101.7310th Feb 2017
4x200mLaura KavanaghUL101.7310th Feb 2017
4x200mLaura KavanaghUL101.7310th Feb 2017
4x200mClodagh O' MahoneyUL101.7310th Feb 2017
4x200mClodagh O' MahoneyUL101.7310th Feb 2017
LJMarie O'MearaUL5.4912th Feb 1993
TJCatriona HanafinUL11.4513th to 14th Dec 1996
HJRosemary DanielUL1.73 8th Dec 2007
PVJuliet ClaffeyUL2.80 3rd to 4th Dec 1999
SPAlana FrattaroliUL12.9510th Feb 2017
20lb WfDRoisin HowardUL6.7513th Feb 2010
8kgWfDRoisin HowardUL7.1410th Feb 2017
CEOrna DonoghueUL3344 7th Dec 2002
T&F Female Records
100mNiamh WhelanUL11.8025th Apr 2009
100mHJessie Barr (OYD)UL13.9220th Apr 2012
200mSharlene MawdsleyUL24.21 5th to 6th Apr 2019
400mJessie Barr (OYD)UL55.6120th Apr 2012
400mHJessie Barr (OYD)UL58.1921st Apr 2012
800mJenna BromellUL2:10.02 7th to 8th Apr 2017
1500mAmy O'DonoghueUL4:35.6910th to 11th Apr 2015
1500mWMaeve CurleyUL6:38.3621st Apr 2012
3000mRosemary RyanUL9:25.0015th Apr 2000
3000mSCMichelle FinnUL9:54.8916th Apr 2016
5000mRosemary RyanUL16:08.8614th Apr 2000
10000mSinead LusbyUL40:16.7019th to 20th Apr 1996
4x100mMarie HeelanUL49.4911th to 12th Apr 2014
4x100mLaura KavanaghUL49.4911th to 12th Apr 2014
4x100mJessica SheehanUL49.4911th to 12th Apr 2014
4x100mNiamh WhelanUL49.4911th to 12th Apr 2014
4x400mChristina BroderickUL3:55.8114th Apr 2007
4x400mOrna Donoghue (OYD)UL3:55.8114th Apr 2007
4x400mElaine CardiffUL3:55.8114th Apr 2007
4x400mNiamh CreminUL3:55.8114th Apr 2007
LJMarie O'MearaUL5.5624th to 25th Apr 1992
TJCatriona HanafinUL11.7025th to 26th Apr 1997
HJRosemary DanielUL1.6624th Apr 2009
PVEllen LarkinUL2.90 7th to 8th Apr 2017
PVUna SamuelsUL2.90 7th to 8th Apr 2017
SPAlana FrattaroliUL13.10 7th to 8th Apr 2017
DTEmma DanielUL33.9615th Apr 2000
HTFiona KelleherUL48.1225th to 26th Apr 1997
JTJenny MurphyUL38.29 5th to 6th Apr 2019
JToR. GibsonUL30.6627th to 28th Apr 1990
20lb WfDKatie O'SheaUL6.8824th Apr 2010
8kgWfDKatie O'SheaUL7.4019th Apr 2008
CEOrna DonoghueUL319114th Apr 2000
Most appearances for University of Limerick
RankAthleteDate RangeAppearances
1Orna Donoghue11th Dec 1998 to 13th Apr 2007124
2Roisin Howard24th Apr 2009 to 13th Apr 2018104
3Kevin Grant19th Apr 2002 to 18th Apr 200888
4Maria Sheehan 1st Dec 2000 to 24th Apr 200976
5Kevin Burke 3rd Dec 1999 to 16th Apr 200470
6Darragh Graham 7th Dec 2001 to 23rd Apr 201068
7Rosemary Daniel 1st Dec 2000 to 24th Apr 200962
8Brendan Bourke11th Dec 1998 to 13th Feb 201056
9Liam Houlihan 3rd Dec 2004 to 23rd Apr 201050
10Philip Kearney 1st Dec 2000 to 18th Apr 200850
11David McCarthy 7th Dec 2001 to 23rd Apr 201048
12Christina Broderick 2nd Dec 2006 to 23rd Apr 201048
13Thomas Barr 5th Feb 2011 to 7th Apr 201747
14Marie O'Meara31st Jan 1992 to 19th Apr 199645
15Kieran Elliot 6th Feb 2015 to 5th Apr 201943
16Jessie Barr18th Apr 2008 to 20th Apr 201243
17Eanna Madden 1st Feb 2013 to 7th Apr 201743
18Gary Ryan 9th Feb 1996 to 19th Apr 200242
19Niamh Whelan24th Apr 2009 to 9th Feb 201841
20Maurice Donoghue22nd Nov 2003 to 24th Apr 200939
Meets hosted by University of Limerick
24th to 25th Apr 2009T&FPlasseyView62273 
14th Apr 2000MultieventsPlasseyView210Millenium Multi-Events Championships
14th to 15th Apr 2000T&FPlasseyView63291Millennium Track & Field Championships
2nd May 1998MultieventsPlasseyView25 
19th Apr 1997MultieventsPlasseyView210 
19th Feb 1994Cross CountryPlasseyView2112 
8th May 1993MultieventsPlasseyView215Combined Events Championships were introduced by the IUAA in 1993. At these first championships the 'Classic' Pentathlon for men was contested - Long Jump, Javelin Throw, 200 m, Discus Throw and 1500 m. These events were the pentathlon disciplines contested in Olympic Games from 1906 [the Intercalated Games, Athens] through 1924 [VIII Summer Olympiad, Paris]. In the United States, this version of the pentathlon was contested as an Amateur Athletic Union [AAU] Championship event until 1978. With the formation of the Athletics Congress [TAC] [now USA Track & Field - USATF] that year, the pentathlon was dropped as a national championship event. The last National AAU Pentathlon Championships was held in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1978. A different combination of disciplines is still used today in high schools' track and field in the USA. In essence it is a smaller version of the decathlon or the heptathlon. For boys, the events are 110 m hurdles, long jump, shot put, high jump and a 1500 m run. For girls, the disciplines are 100 m hurdles, long jump, shot put, high jump, and an 800 m run. At the 1993 AGM of the IUAA, a decision was taken to use these disciplines for the IUAA Combined Events Championships for men and women, respectively. Since 1994 these events have remained the Pentathlon disciplines contested at the IUAA Outdoors Combined Events Championships and at the Indoor Combined Events Championships since their introduction at the 2002-03 Championships [60 m hurdles and a 1000 m run for men instead of 1500 m]. From academic year 1992-93 through 1997-98, the Combined Events Championships were held separately from the Outdoors Track & Field Championships. Since academic year 1998-99 at the Outdoors Track & Field Championships at Mary Peter's, Belfast, Combined Events Championships have been held conjointly with the Outdoor Track & Field Championships. The principal reason for this change was to revitalise participation in combined events due to the drop-off in numbers competing in the separate Combined Events Championships. While there is still a separate Outdoors Combined Events Team Trophy, the individual Pentathlon became a scoring event in both the Indoors and Outdoors Track & Field Team Competitions for men and women from season 2002-2003. The Team Event is decided on the combined scores of three athletes from a College - either the point scores of two men and one women or of two women and one man.
31st Jan 1992IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumView2317This was the inaugural indoors championship. UL won both the mens and womens team competitions.
3rd to 4th May 1991T&FPlasseyView3878