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Anna Boyle (#2190)

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Colleges Represented
NI U23623rd Jun 1998 to 19th Jun 2001
IUAA318th Jun 2002 to 8th Jun 2004
UU36 7th Dec 2001 to 22nd Apr 2006
Records Set
ChampionshipRace TypeCollegeCount
Indoor T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
60m7.706 2 gold medals 2 gold medals 1 silver medals
200m25.447 1 gold medals 1 silver medals 1 bronze medals
T&F Personal Bests
EventPersonal BestAppearancesMedals
100m11.8712 6 gold medals 6 gold medals 6 gold medals 6 gold medals 6 gold medals 6 gold medals 3 silver medals 3 silver medals 3 silver medals
200m25.347 1 gold medals 2 bronze medals 2 bronze medals
4x100m48.095 3 gold medals 3 gold medals 3 gold medals 1 silver medals
LJ5.474 1 silver medals 1 bronze medals
Indoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
3rd Dec 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m (Semi 1)299UU7.841Team Gold Medal View 
3rd Dec 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m299UU7.70Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewUU
3rd Dec 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Heat 4)299UU26.601Team Gold Medal View 
4th Dec 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Semi 1)299UU25.762Team Gold Medal View 
4th Dec 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m299UU25.44Bronze MedalTeam Gold Medal ViewUU
4th Dec 2004IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumLJ299UU4.585Team Gold Medal View 
6th Dec 2002IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m (Semi 2)321UU7.7015 ViewUU
6th Dec 2002IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m321UU7.86Gold Medal5 View 
7th Dec 2002IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Semi 2)321UU27.9215 View 
7th Dec 2002IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m321UU25.80Gold Medal5 ViewUU
7th Dec 2001IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m (Semi 2)929UU7.9614 View 
7th Dec 2001IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium60m929UU7.86Gold Medal4 ViewUU
8th Dec 2001IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m (Semi 2)929UU27.1024 View 
8th Dec 2001IndoorsNenagh Olympic Stadium200m929UU26.42Silver Medal4 View 
8th Dec 2001IndoorsNenagh Olympic StadiumLJ929UU4.9844 ViewUU
Outdoor Results
DateChampionshipVenueRace TypeBibCollegeMarkPlaceTeamNoteFull ResultsRecord
22nd Apr 2006T&FAntrim Forum4x100m395UU48.09Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal ViewIUAA
21st Apr 2006T&FAntrim ForumLJ395UU5.10Bronze MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
21st Apr 2006T&FAntrim ForumHJ395UU1.506Team Silver Medal View 
8th Jun 2004Celtic T&FAntrim Forum100m IUAA12.01Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
16th Apr 2004T&FMardyke & Bishopstown100m (Semi 2)472UU12.1327 View 
17th Apr 2004T&FMardyke & Bishopstown100m472UU11.87Silver Medal7 ViewUU
16th Apr 2004T&FMardyke & Bishopstown200m (Semi 3)472UU25.8617 View 
17th Apr 2004T&FMardyke & Bishopstown200m472UU25.4747 View 
17th Apr 2004T&FMardyke & Bishopstown4x100m472UU53.1747 View 
25th Apr 2003T&FDangan & Tullamore Track100m (Semi 2)452UU12.5614 View 
26th Apr 2003T&FDangan & Tullamore Track100m452UU12.39Gold Medal4 View 
25th Apr 2003T&FDangan & Tullamore Track200m (Semi 1)452UU26.4114 View 
26th Apr 2003T&FDangan & Tullamore Track200m452UU25.70Gold Medal4 View 
26th Apr 2003T&FDangan & Tullamore Track4x100m452UU50.70Gold Medal4 ViewUU
25th Apr 2003T&FDangan & Tullamore TrackLJ452UU5.47Silver Medal4 View 
18th Jun 2002Celtic T&FAntrim Forum100m IUAA12.30 (HT)Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
18th Jun 2002Celtic T&FAntrim Forum4x100m IUAA49.40Gold MedalTeam Silver Medal View 
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstown100m (Semi 1)474UU12.5224 View 
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstown100m474UU12.15Gold Medal4 View 
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstown200m (Semi 2)474UU26.8824 View 
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstown200m474UU25.34Bronze Medal4 View 
20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstown4x100m474UU50.78Silver Medal4 ViewUU
20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstown4x400m474UUDNS 4 View 
19th to 20th Apr 2002T&FBishopstownLJ474UU4.9474 View 
19th Jun 2001Celtic T&FAntrim Forum100m NI U2312.90 (HT)Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
19th Jun 2001Celtic T&FAntrim Forum200m NI U2326.76Bronze MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
19th Jun 2001Celtic T&FAntrim ForumLJ NI U234.504Team Gold Medal View 
20th Jun 2000Celtic T&FAntrim Forum100m NI U2312.79Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
22nd Jun 1999Celtic T&FAntrim Forum100m NI U2312.65Silver MedalTeam Gold Medal View 
23rd Jun 1998Celtic T&FAntrim Forum100m NI U2313.20 (HT)Gold MedalTeam Gold Medal View